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Wendy Kirkland

By investing just $500 per trade the average profit is $607.35. That’s a 121.5% profit with an average of 2 days per trade and 68.87% winners!

Yes… with just $500 invested per trade, the system is up $28,833.20 in the past 8 months.

Put up $5,000 & it’s a potential $288,332
Profit in 8 months!!

Trades like this:

146% profit in 1 day trading Qualcomm

251% profit in 1 day trading Sandisk Corp

245% profit in 2 days trading Market Vector Gold

297% profit in 1 day trading CF Industries

296% profit in 1 day trading Baidu



  • 536% profit in 2 days trading Cliffs Natural Resources this past May!

  • And 35 More Money Doublers in a recent 8 month period.

  • All using a conservative, simple strategy you can use for yourself.

Let me show you how...


In a recent survey of Wendy Kirkland customers, 94% found Wendy Kirkland’s products helpful, and of the subscribers that placed actual trades, half made money.

For typical customer results, please see www.tradewins.com/survey. These survey results are results from prior products and programs offered by Wendy Kirkland. Past performance from these prior programs does not necessarily guarantee positive performance in this product or any product or program in the future. However, subscribers who do not achieve similar returns will gain a financial education through their participation in this program.

Imagine The Pure Joy of
Potentially Doubling Your Money
In 1 or 2 Days… 41 TIMES!!

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been worried about your financial future TAKE HEART and FEAR NO MORE!

Because, as you’re about to see…

Now there is an EASY way for you to detach yourself from the fiscal plight consuming our planet… And seek a dependable income that will forever change your life…

Shawn was thrilled to leave his 12-hour a day construction job… provide his family with the financial security they deserve… and spend more time doing the things he loves.

Terri, a retired accountant with a debilitating back condition is finding trades worth $2,000 to $3,000 a day and finds trading irresistible.

Dollie, a great-grandmother from Lakeland, FL, feels absolutely wonderful that her newfound wealth has allowed her to pay for her 7 grandchildren’s college education.

As for me… I went from penniless, with a pile of bills and no income, to being richer than I ever dreamed possible.

Let Me Help You Find Success

If you have 10 minutes to read this, I truly believe I can change your life to a state of happiness and fulfillment that you’ll enjoy forever.

I love life – every single minute of it. I live life to the fullest every day. I literally can’t wait to get up each morning! And by the time you’ve finished reading this you’ll know exactly why.

And now, with your permission, I'd like to share this potentially lifechanging, wealth building insight for just $1. It's hard to argue with getting a No-RISK look at my Weekly Wealth Advisory letter each Wednesday...for just a buck!

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For example, on June 6 we found Market Vector Gold puts for $495. If they have been sold 2 days later on June 8 for $1727, it would have earned a $1,213.80 profit. You could have taken a single position for as little as $45…and still made 245% profit in 2 days!

The Most Fateful Day For Traders
So Far This Millennium!

My name is Wendy Kirkland. In the next few minutes I’m going to tell you the whole story of…

How I discovered the secret to earning fast, huge and safe profits…

NOW, I’m going to do everything I can to make it EASY for you to enjoy the same good fortune I’ve had!

A Window of Opportunity
Opened on June 4, 2010

Back on June 4, 2010 the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) introduced weekly options. Suddenly the ability to make huge returns fast became enormous.

Overnight the Weeklys… which come out on Thursdays and expire 8 days later on Friday… became the hottest thing on Wall Street. Within a year volume for the Weeklys grew to nearly 12% of the 300+ million option contracts traded every month. For some exciting stocks like Apple and Google, Weeklys now make up an enormous 40% of all options volume.

The Advantages are HUGE!!

“Weekly’s are like having your own personal ATM… This morning I found a trade worth $800 in less than 2 hours!”

– Melvin C., Perris, CA

“I’m happy with a few hundred bucks once or twice a day... it’s a comfortable way to trade.”

– Dollie A., San Luis, AZ

“Following Wendy’s strategies I’ve found winners about 80% of the time! At that rate, my retirement account is going to soar!”

– Diane J.

I Double-Dog Dare You To Use My Weekly System
And NOT Dramatically Increase Your Winning Trades,
Boost Your Monthly Income and Improve Your Entire
Financial Outlook 100% GUARANTEED!!

Hard to believe? You bet! But the fact is, consistent profits enjoyed by people from all walks of life... some of whom you’ll hear from today… prove without a doubt that my secret can work like magic for just about anyone…

Think back to when you were a kid… I double dog dare you was a challenge you just could not dismiss… no how, no way. If you did, you were really “chicken”. And the same goes now.

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Do you think Sid, Jane, Matt and Dee Gee are any different than you? Well they’re not… Not where my Options System is concerned, anyway.

They represent ordinary everyday folks, same as you. But they did one thing that forever changed their lives. They put their doubts aside and gave my trading system a try.

How about you? All it takes is an open mind and the courage to try something new.

And when I say NEW, I mean it!
Chart of Qualcomm, showing a $515 investment grew to $1215 for a 136% Return
This secret is NOT a re-hash of old strategies. It is completely different and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It truly is the missing piece that simply CANNOT fail.

But don’t take my word for it. You’ll read first-hand accounts from men and women telling you, in their own words, about how they are following my Options System… they’re making money… and they are loving life!

By the time you reach the end of this special report you’ll find yourself grinning ear-to-ear and asking yourself: “Why am I so happy?”

And you’ll know why. The answer will be obvious.

Nathan definitely knows his way around the stock market and technical trading systems used by JP Morgan. And he’s had numerous offers from other financial firms, such as Goldman Sachs and Interactive Brokers.

But, to avoid conflicts, Nathan turned them all down so he could pursue his own trading ambitions.

And that’s where my System comes in.

Nathan V

“The P3 Trades I find are about
95% winners with potential profts
of 50% - 100%”

– Nathan V.,
Software Engineer

“I used to be a big stock player. Then I came across Wendy’s book and realized that options are really the best way to go.”

“In all of my testing, my success factor with Wendy’s System is about 95%. And my potential profits are 50%-100%.”

“For example, last week I found trades potentially worth 71% on Chipotle Mexican Grill, 49% on Potash Corp, 32% on Amazon and 102% on Netflix. As for losers, I didn’t have a single one.”

“My friends keep asking me to quit working and manage their money.”

You only need a FRACTION of the money you’d normally use to invest in stocks or even standard options.

Chart of Sandisk Corp. showing a $544 investment grew to $1120 in 3 days for a 106% Return

AND – you’ll limit your risk to the SMALL amount you invested. As unbelievable as it sounds, you can make money in bull OR bear markets.

These techniques have boosted profits for other investors beyond anything they imagined.

A Straightforward Approach to
Trading Weekly Options

Trading weeklys is not only exciting because of the quick “weekly” reward potential, but they also offer numerous attractive elements that go above and beyond their longer-term monthly cousins.

So why weekly options over regular monthly expiring options?

  1. Weeklys are inexpensive… expiration is within a few days, and sometimes within a few hours. You can purchase At-The-Money (ATM) Weeklys for as little as $.50 cents or $50 per contract. Lower prices means you have the opportunity to buy numerous contracts for the same trade investment.

  2. Weeklys have unbelievable leverage potential… Weeklys soar 400%, 600%, 1,200% or more on a very regular basis. Chart of Cliffs Natural Resources showing a $516 investment grew to $3300 in 2 days for a 536% Return Compare that with regular options (which may pay 30-50% or less) and the answer is obvious!

  3. Weeklys are easy to trade… They trade just like everyday stocks. Volume is very high, so liquidity (finding a buyer/seller to participate in the trade) is never a problem.

  4. Weeklys are the most profitable way to trade predictable chart patterns… An equity’s chart can create predictable entry and exit patterns. These are everyday tradable patterns that are easily recognized as buyers rush in and drive up the equity price. Despite volatility that inflates monthly options, weeklys tend to remain affordable. Not only that, once the hype-event is over, implied volatility drops, and standard options deflate in a volatility crush. Meanwhile, Weeklys retain their value… turning the price move of the underlying equity into huge profits!

  5. Weeklys compared to monthly options bring in more opportunities for low-risk income… Weekly options give you 52 opportunities a year to profit from a low-risk, recognizable pattern… 40 more opportunities than monthly options.

  6. One week a month all stocks that offer regular monthly options become Weeklys… This special week opens the trading opportunity to not only the 150 or so weekly option stocks but includes thousands of trade candidates.

Low-risk… Unlimited Profit Potential… Gigantic Leverage… Solid Value on Fundamentally Sound Equities… and Potentially Consistent Income every single week… it’s an Unbelievable Weekly Revenue Stream! Fantastic!

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Bob and Fran enjoy a rich and fulfilling lifestyle… summers in the mountains of North Carolina and winters in Thailand, where they have the privilege of competing with some of the world’s top martial artists. We have traders from all walks of life!

Let’s see what Bob and Fran’s trading day looks like…

Bob and Fran

“As soon as we hit a profit of 30% - 40% we get out. And that’s given us a very nice revenue stream”

– Bob & Fran

“We look forward to every trading day. It’s fun and very rewarding both financially and as an uplifting experience.”

“This morning I found three trades, all profitable. That took about 20 minutes. I could have made a little over $1,000!”

“The way Wendy's put it all together, even a new investor could easily catch on. And she’s always around to help. I don’t know how she does it all. But it’s a real good feeling to have her there. She makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the world.”

Wealth Building with Weekly Options

Here’s a quick outline of what you’ll discover. Everything is spelled out in specifics and then followed with actual examples:

“$60 To $1300!!”

“The calls I found for $60 each went up to $750 each – at expiration they were $1,300 each!!! Thanks for sharing your method and getting me on the right track!”

– Joe D., Anchorage, AK

“315% Gain in 45 Minutes”

“I found Herbalife (HLF) and followed your instructions in the book to study this trade. I I had bought the option at 10:28 am, here's how it played out:

Buy 10:28 am Price 2.10
Sell 11:13 am Price 8.75
Profit $665 per contract or 315% Gain in 45 minutes

Just wanted to say thank you so very much for making this invaluable information available for so little cost. I could not be happier.”

– Eric S., Bristow, VA

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Melvin looks at these rules as his own personal ATM…

When the market went bust, Melvin lost his job as the property manager for a California real estate company. And sadly, a long stretch of lean times followed. Until one day, a year ago, he stumbled across my options program. And in an instant, his financial outlook was forever changed.

Melvin C

“Weeklys are like having your own personal ATM… This morning I found trades worth $800 in less than 2 hours!”

– Melvin C.,
Perris, CA

“The weeklys are like having your own personal ATM. Most days I can go to my computer, pull up my charts, and walk away an hour later potentially with $130 or more.”

“This morning I found a trade worth $800 in less than 2 hours. I could have bought 10 QQQ’s at around 7 am , which shot up $1 right away – $650 potential profit on a trade that cost me $130. And by the time I got out, I’d earned $800.”

“This is my livelihood now. I trade full time from home. And I’m happy to say, it pays the bills.”

“And Wendy’s chat room makes it a lot of fun too. We all sit around, chit chat and watch the market together. Socializing with Wendy and all the other traders makes the time go really fast.”

“I started out using Wendy’s P3 System on daily charts to trade monthly Calls – which works great and I still trade monthly options.”

“But the same system on 10-min and 15-min charts works amazingly well for day-trading weekly options.”

“I like the weeklys because they move fast and they’re cheap. If it costs you $600 to get into a weekly, it would probably cost you $1,100-$1,200 with regular options.”

“Next I want to learn Wendy’s P3.5 system to trade Puts. That way I can make just as much money when the market goes down.”

“I hope to consistently earn $3,500 a month trading just Calls - 10 contracts at a time. So, when I start trading Puts too, I fgure I should be able to double my income right away - before I even think about trading more contracts.”

“If you follow Wendy’s system and stick to the rules, you really can’t go wrong.”

“Sometimes my 11-year old daughter will look over my shoulder and say, “Are we waiting for the chart to go up?” And I’ll say, “Yep, we’re waiting for it to shoot all the way up!”

When her husband retired, Dollie wanted more spending money so they could travel, visit the grandkids, and make their “golden years” truly golden. So she went on a search for ways to supplement their income and Wendy provided the perfect solution.

Dollie A

“I’m happy with a few hundred bucks once or twice a day… it’s a comfortable way to trade”

– Dollie A.,
San Luis, AZ

“The reason I bought Wendy’s system is because it looked simple, and the money it promised was just unbelievable. And you know what, she didn’t exaggerate one bit.”

“It really is exciting how Wendy has grouped these indicators in such a way that it points you right to where the profits are. It’s like Wow… I love it!”

“I like to day-trade the weekly QQQs using 1, 10, and 15-minute charts loaded with all her indicators. So, when I turn on my computer, plunk!”

“It’s all right there – like a radar screen. And when everything lines up, you know it’s time to make your move.”

“Early in the day you might get a signal to buy Calls. But when you see that it’s run its course and change is in the wind, you take profits.”

“Then you watch for a signal to buy Puts and enjoy the ride back down.”

“I know a lot of people say you can’t tell where the price is going. But I’ve found, with Wendy’s charts you can tell where the price is going.”

“I usually trade 10 contracts and I put in a 32 cent profit target. I’m happy with a few hundred bucks once or twice a day. For me, it’s a very comfortable way to trade. Even though it means I don’t get the exciting homeruns some people do.”

“In Wendy’s chat we all share. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a real experienced trader. We’re all using the same tools and we all learn from each other, as well as from Wendy.”

“The more time you spend in the room, the more you learn. And the more confident you become.”

“Just one more thing I want to say is that Wendy is a genuinely nice person with a sincere interest in helping people. A real Southern Lady. And boy is she ever smart. When it comes to trading options, she really knows what she’s doing!”

The 7 Key Benefits of
“Wealth Building with Weekly Options”

Conservative Weekly Strategy - a few trades each week, using highly leveraged weekly options

Simple Trade System - Strategy based on tried and true, easy to use charting principles

Profit target, exit and stops are known at time of trade entry

Once a week newsletter provides additional support and candidate suggestions

Special select group of high-paying trade candidates (the thousands of stock possibilities are whittled down to a manageable number)

A solid strategy for money and risk management

A method of knowing which option to choose and when to buy them for consistent money gains

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In a minute I’ll tell you about all the ways I’m going to help you succeed. But right now, let’s let Jane tell her story.


“I can’t tell you how wonderful the System has been for me, all the way around.”

“I’m 72 years old. And I have avoided the stock market my entire life. But now, not only am I making lots of money. I have the self-realization that I can do it and that I can do it well.”

“I am just thrilled. I have a whole new life. It’s just awesome. I can’t pull myself away when the stock market is open… I’m addicted to it!”

Jane may be 72, but I think you’ll agree she’s way too frisky to be considered old… And she’s not the only one who has found earning fast, easy profits addictive. Actually, you hear it quite a lot. Winning is addictive, plain and simple. And with the way my system stacks the odds in your favor, you just can’t help but win!

I met Carl in an online chat room. He’d been trading penny stocks with mixed results and was looking for a new direction. The minute he saw what the system could do, he was hooked!

Carl M

“The odds are always in your favor…”

– Carl M.,
Retired Telephone Lineman

“I didn’t really have an interest in options until I met Wendy in a chat room. She has a way of explaining things to where any everyday individual can understand it and make good money at it.”

“Like, I found a trade potentially worth $8,000 on Apple in 10 days, and that’s just one example.”

“Profits like that, you kind of get addicted. Same as a gambler would, except this isn’t gambling. You know the odds are always in your favor before you even get in.”

“I watch the market off and on all day. Like today, I’d work in the garden awhile and then I’d run in and see what’s going on. All told I might spend an hour a day in front of the computer.”

Yes indeed. Putting the odds of winning on your side is what my system is all about.

Doubling Your Money Can Be Addicting!

Back a few months ago, I I would have s looked at $506 of old them Chart of Visa Inc showing a $400 investment grew to $970 in 2 days for a 145% Returnsoon after for $2,024 or $1,449.80 profit. That’s 296% profit in 4 days.

October 19 my system found Wynn Resorts puts for $423 that could have been sold the next day for $1,059. 146% profit in a day.

June 7 spend $512 for Las Vega Sands puts which could be sold the same day for $1,280 and a 148% profit. And the next day I could have sold $495 Market Vector Gold puts for $1,727 and a 245% profit in 2 days.

As Terri can tell you, finding trades worth $1,000, $2,000, even $3,000 a day is just as easy as making $100. And it’s 10 times as much fun!

Thirteen months ago a debilitating back condition forced Terri into early retirement. Bored to tears, she browsed investor chat rooms, looking for something productive to do with her time. Until one fateful day, she discovered my System for trading options… just what the doctor ordered!

With enough time and money to play the game anyway she wants, Terri finds the fast paced thrill of day trading irresistible.

Terri F

“I religiously find trades potentially worth $2,000 to $3,000 a day”

– Terri F.,
Retired Accountant

“Getting in at the low and out at the high is an obsession with me. I want every last bead of sweat on its back. And I usually get it.”

“I don’t sit in front of the computer all day every day. But when I do want to trade, I religiously find trades potentially worth $2,000 to $3,000 a day.”

“It’s pretty simple, really. The System is totally rule based. So, all you have to do is follow the rules and you’re going to make money.”

“And when you really nail it… like I did with BP to the tune of about $10 Grand… you’re just so proud of yourself. It’s like Yes!!!! No problem teaching this old dog new tricks!”

WOW… what a dynamo! Terri is enjoying a renewed energy she thought was gone forever!

Click Here Order Now

Whether you favor fast-paced day-trading or slow-and-steady swing trading, the sheer joy of winning can give you a whole new “lease on life”!

Wendy Kirkland

Meet the Author
Wendy Kirkland

How did an award-winning artist and sculptor, who owned an eclectic gift shop in Historic Biltmore Village, end up an option guru? Let's see...

  • A freak flood left Wendy’s store in ruin and forced her to find a new source of income. Determined to secure her financial future, Wendy turned to option trading and the leverage it offers.

  • Inspired to help other women enjoy the financial security she had found, Wendy launched WomenOptionTraders.com and began giving online classes. “As I teach other women to successfully trade options, I become a better trader myself”, she said.

  • A natural-born teacher, her following grew quickly and so did requests for an easy-to-understand book on options. So in 2009 Wendy co-authored, with Virginia McCullough, “Option Trading In Your Spare Time - A Guide to Financial Independence for Women”.

  • Insightful, comprehensive, and easy-to-read, “Option Trading In Your Spare Time” received rave reviews. And get this: undeterred by the title and pretty pink cover, more men than women bought the Guide to Financial Independence for Women.

  • Then, in 2010 a major uprising… online traders, men and women alike, heard that Wendy’s P3 System produced nearly 100% winning trades and they wanted in. With a generous heart Wendy began publishing a weekly list of stocks which meet the stringent P3 System criteria. Some subscribers report a higher percentage of winners, greater monthly income, and a vastly improved financial outlook thanks to Wendy’s P3 System and Squeeze Newsletter.

  • When TradeWins Publishing heard about Wendy’s miraculous discovery and tremendous success, they called her right away and P3: Putting Probability Potential on YOUR Side was published in 2010.

  • With the advent of Weekly Options after 2010, a huge new window of opportunity opened for experienced options traders. Applying Wendy’s principles to the Weeklys, the profits have been astronomical…uncovering money doublers and triplers with amazing frequency. In the first 8 months, Wendy doubled her money or better 43 times. 41 times in 1 or 2 days, then again once in 3 days and once in 4 days

  • Wealth Building With Weekly Options… this is your key to financial freedom. So sit back. Put your feet up. And enjoy your first step on a wonderful adventure.

Diane has no time… little money…
and is new to options.
And now has a whole new financial outlook.


“Weekly options let me jump in and out of the market without investing a huge amount of time or money. And following Wendy’s strategies, I’ve found winners about 80% of the time!”

“My career in sales involves a lot of travel. And monitoring trades from an airplane isn’t feasible. So, there’s no way I could really delve into trading monthly options. I wanted to. I just didn’t have the time.”

“But with weekly options you can be in and out in a matter of hours. So, whenever I get a day off, you’ll find me in front of my computer, day-trading the weeklys.”

“First, I print out Wendy’s list of stocks to watch. Then, one by one I put each symbol into the chart setup I created to look just like Wendy’s. And I also log into her chat room, so I can see what everybody else is up to.”

“Usually I’m in a trade within an hour of the opening bell. At least I try to be. But you can’t rush these things. It’s important to be patient and wait until all the indicators in all the time frames line up.”

“And then I’m out again before the market closes.”

“The way Wendy puts her indicators together is different than anything I’ve ever seen before. And I’m still getting the hang of it. So right now, I only trade 1 to 3 contracts, depending on the price of the option.”

“I’m not saying that her system is hard; because it’s not. In fact Wendy’s way of trading is pretty straightforward. But, weekly options move very fast. So I want pulling the trigger at the right time to come as second nature before I up the ante.”

“Of course, if I can win 4 out of 5 trades, I’ll be working my way up to 10 or even 20 contracts in no time. And at that rate, my retirement account is going to soar!”

Let me show you a great way to join Diane and the others making money with Weekly Options.

Super Weekly Sale
Weekly Options

For Just $1!!
Limited Time Only Introductory Offer

Under the terms of this very special introductory offer, here is howyou can test-drive this incredible Weekly System and satisfy your own curiosity, 100% risk-free.

Super Weekly SALE – Just $1

This is absolutely, positively, the deal of the century! More than anything else in the world, I want this Weekly secret to spread like wildfire… enriching the lives of fellow Americans from coast to coast, now when you need it most.

Thirty-two years in retail has taught me the most compelling word in the English language is SALE... especially in today’s economy. So let me Super-Size and Super-Sale you into a deal too good to pass up.

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Say Yes to the Super Weekly SALE and get:

The Weekly Newsletter at $1
Weekly Newsletter on a laptop screen

Get a list of every stock flagged by my Weekly System as being on the verge of an explosive rally… and get specific trade analysis all posted online each Wednesday with notification and a convenient ‘click-here’ link emailed directly to you.

This is the missing piece that can potentially boost the performance of ANY trading system. And it's all yours for just $1. To make it convenient, you can stay subscribed and $39 will be conveniently charged to your credit card each month, until you say stop.

Guaranteed: You can use all of the insight in weekly Options to change you financial lifestyle for just $1 through this trial. Any time you want to stop, you just let us know. It's that simple.

Once you start seeing how the approach in this newsletter can potentially help you achieve financial wellness, you will be looking for it as soon as it hits your inbox. To make sure you don't miss a beat, you'll stay subscribed for $39 each month until you simply say stop.

Super Weekly

Chart of Lululemon Athletica Inc showing a $560 investment grew to $1450 in 1 day for a 146% Return

Your Weekly Newseltter shows you this amazing approach in action. As you open your email you'll see how these set ups come together. I know it sounds crazy but it is super simple. In fact, you will most likely start spotting these trades on your own.

Many of the readers who get Weekly Options love the fact that it helps them see trades they might have missed AND make sure the others they find have the same potential as these powerful moves.


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If you want to…

…Then, you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this risk-free, Super Weekly Sale. Click Here Now, before it’s too late.

Click Now while you can still get the $1 trial offer.

And most important, Click Here Now before you miss out on any more profit opportunities!

We accept all major credit cards so ordering is simple. And the rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams… I promise!

Warm Regards,

Wendy Kirkland's signature


PS. Remember above, when I told you that by the time you reached the end of this special report you’d find yourself grinning ear-to-ear and asking yourself: “Why am I so happy?”

If you’re wondering where that happy feeling is, just Click Here and you’ll know.

Click Here Now and start grinning!

Mark K

“Wendy’s System is the best thing that’s happened to me”

– Mark K.,
Retired Deputy Sheriff

“When I left the Sheriff’s Dept., I looked to the stock market to supplement my retirement pay. And I have to say, everything’s been going much better since I found Wendy’s System.”

“It’s like Wendy took her God-given intuition, that 6th sense that women seem to have, and she applied it to trading options.”

“Then she laid everything out in such a way that it doesn’t take intuition to do anymore. It’s cut and dry. You, me, or anybody else can see what she sees plain as day and can make just as much money as she does too.”

“Working in law enforcement can make a man cynical. But I know this to be the real deal. Wendy’s System is the best thing that’s happened to me, money-wise, since I retired.”

If not this, then what… If not now, then when?

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Results described in testimonials from other products or the product being offered may not be typical or representative of results achieved by other users of such products. No representation is being made that any of the persons who provide testimonials have continued to experience the same level of profitable trading after the date on which the testimonial was provided. In fact, such persons may have experienced losses immediately thereafter or may have experienced losses preceding the period of time referenced in the testimonial. No representation is being made that you will achieve profits or the same results as any person providing a testimonial. Wendy Kirkland's experiences are not typical. Wendy Kirkland is an experienced investor and your results will vary depending on risk tolerance, amount of risk capital utilized, size of trading position, willingness to follow the rules and other factors.

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