Turn off the TV, shut down Facebook, jump out of whatever rut you may be in… and follow me on what could be the most exciting and rewarding adventure of your life!

Scientists claim this can actually be an antidote to most age-related mental illnesses… like depression, dementia and even Alzheimer’s.

It’s a proven way to lower your risk of death from all causes by at least 11% (according to a 2016 study by Oregon State University).

And as these happy retirees will tell you, it can potentially give you a 6-figure annual income along with a fabulous, carefree lifestyle…

“I guess you could call it a hobby for me because I do enjoy doing it. But it’s also a job, because it provides an income source. So it’s a job that I enjoy doing. And it can be very exciting.”

Dr. Jack, Retired Optometrist
Hilton Head, SC

“I’m averaging over $10,000 a month. We went on cruises to Nova Scotia, the Mediterranean, Alaska... And I was able to help two of my children buy homes. We couldn’t have done this before.”

Rod W., Retired Pharmacist
Atlanta, GA

“For me it’s income in excess of $150,000 a year… Spending just a few minutes a day… And I can do it right on my phone from just about anywhere!”

Craig F., Retired Program Director
Central California

Customer Survey

In a recent survey of TradeWins customers, 96% said they learned something useful, and of those that placed actual trades 3 out of 4 made money.

For survey results please see www.TRADEWINS.COM/SURVEY. These survey results are from prior programs and do not necessarily guarantee positive performance in the future. However, subscribers who do not achieve similar returns will gain a financial education through participation in this program.


Health, wealth, and happiness go hand-in-hand. And this is the best way I know for you to get all three. So please, continue reading...

I Believe This Could Be the Most Significant
Life-Changing Document You Will Ever Read

According to an extensive Age Wave study on the changing way we think about work, retirement, and what to do with the last quarter of our lives…

72% of men & women over the age of 50 want no part of the ‘permanent vacation’ their parents got themselves into at age 65.

Instead, most Boomers want their retirement to be rewarding in every sense of the word… including a steady income.

Isn’t that what you want too?

But, you probably don’t want a boss… you don’t want to punch a clock… and you don’t want to sell anything either.

In other words, you don’t want a job! 

What you want is an exciting, lucrative, side business that could potentially make you rich.

Yet it requires minimal time & effort… and very little money to get started.

And that’s the possibility I’m offering you today!

I Was Once Where You Are Now
And Here’s What Happened

My name’s Chuck Hughes and I was once where you are now… except I started my search for the perfect side business earlier than most people.

That’s because I was a commercial pilot. And for one reason or another, the majority of commercial pilots never reach mandatory retirement… which I found especially worrisome because I had a wife and 6 kids to support. 

So, for a backup plan, I investigated dozens of part-time business opportunities… real estate, multi-level marketing, mail-order (this was before the internet)… but they all seemed too hard, too time consuming, and way too much of a long-shot.

Then I found out the majority of Americans with earning power in the top 1% made their billions in the stock market. And I knew right away the stock market was where I wanted to be too.

Click Here to learn more about Chuck Hughes.

The Top 1% Richest Americans
Made Their Money In The Stock Market
Shouldn’t You Be There Too?

So, on my days off and during layovers I read everything I could find on making your fortune in the stock market.

But with my big family, I couldn’t afford to do anything risky. So I didn’t do much with it until I discovered the power of options.

When I figured out how to mathematically engineer trades to have limited risk… a higher probability of winning… and that can produce profits of 129.2%, 605.3%, 1,532.6% or more...

I got so excited I scraped together $4,600… opened a trading account… and started cranking out profits like crazy.

Hence, Optioneering® was born… and in the first two years, starting with just $4,600, I earned $460,164!

I Earned $460,164
In My First 2 Years!

Optioneering® Could Be
Your Ultimate Part-Time Business!

I believe, without a doubt, trading options provides the lowest cost, most hassle-free, recession-proof business opportunity on the planet.

But be forewarned. All option trading is not the same.

Optioneering® is a unique approach to trading you won’t find anywhere else. Just ask Dr. Ted…

“A lot of options trading is like pulling a lever and hoping you hit the jackpot. But this isn’t like that. I started with $100k and in about 7 months it was up over 100%! It went from $100,000 to $200,000… then it hit $260,000!”

Dr. Ted W., Physician
Ft Wayne, IN

If you use my Optioneering® strategies to reduce risk and increase your odds of winning, I believe your profit potential will soar!

Optioneering® made it possible for subscribers to my advisory services to amass nearly 12 million dollars in profits without a single down year… not even in the tech-wreck of 2001 or the market-crash of 2008!

And Optioneering® is also how I won 1st place in highly competitive Trading Championships a total of 10 times… with audited real-time annual returns as high as 220%... 300%... even 330%...

And when I didn’t win 1st, I often I placed 2nd or 3rd.

I’m not telling you this to brag; because it’s really not about me. It’s about Optioneering®.

Optioneering® has outperformed other systems time & time again… It made me the 1st place winner I am today. And if you follow the same Optioneering® system I use, I believe you could be a winner too.

Makes sense, right?

Optioneering® Is a Unique Way
To Seek Greater Profit Potential
You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

“After 22 years I’ve seen lots of programs come & go. And I truly, honestly believe that Hughes is the best out there, bar none. His methods are very simple. And they work. Even a brand new trader should do well.”

Eric G., Internet Marketer
Wausau, WI

“Chuck has created the finest trading strategies that I’ve seen in my 18 years in the market. I’ve used my own strategies and Chuck’s are far superior. They’re so well thought out and they produce.”

Optioneering Seminar Attendee

“I’ve been in a lot of different advisory groups and Chuck Hughes has got a technique for investing that you don’t find anywhere else. With the results I’ve been getting, I’ll be a long-time follower that’s for sure!”

Steve T., Commercial Pilot
Moline, IL

“I knew I had to start investing but was unsure how to go about it. Then a friend introduced me to your strategies, which are easy to use and best of all they really work! Thanks to you, Chuck, I am on my way!”

Anne, Retail Sales Manager
New Jersey

3 Tremendous Wealth-Creating Advantages
Are Possible With Optioneering®

Most folks are surprised to see how similar buying & selling options is to trading stocks… your order-entry looks the same… you place the same kind of orders, (at-the-market, limit, etc.) and you can use almost any brokerage account, including most IRAs and 401ks.

But, as you’ll quickly learn, options make it possible to gain 3 tremendous wealth-creating advantages you’ll never get with stocks.

  1. Each option holds the earning power of 100 shares of stock. So you need very little money to get started… remember, I started with just $4,600 myself.

  2. It’s possible to make consistent income no matter which way the market goes… up, down, or sidways. Hence, 20 straight winning years regardless of market conditions.

  3. Unique characteristics inherent to options make it possible for Optioneering® strategies to reduce risk, increase your odds of winning, and create the utmost in profit potential… making me a 10-time 1st Place Trading Champion, and I’m confident you’ll be a winner too!

As a country, we’ve faced many challenges since the Clinton administration... and each has wreaked havoc with the stock market and businesses of every size and type all along the way.

Yet, come what may, Optioneering® has produced soaring profits every single year… Isn’t that the kind of business you want?

In a minute I’m going to give you a chance to try this for yourself… 100% risk-free and with me guiding you every step of the way.

But first, let’s read Jon’s inspiring comeback story so you can fully appreciate the potentially lifesaving skills you’ll learn.

“I started with $70,000 in June and by the middle
of December I had made $227,720!”

Jon T., Retired Business Owner
Knoxville, TN

Jon T. sold his business for $6-million in 1995 and gave the money to a trusted local bank for management. Unfortunately, they invested it in stocks and 5 years later Jon was nearly broke.

Too bad Jon didn’t know about Optioneering® back then. He could have made a fortune when the bubble burst… we did!

But that’s just the beginning of Jon & Candy’s story. I’ll let Jon tell you the rest…

Jon & Candy T.,
Retired Business Owners
Knoxville, TN

“After the crash less than $500k remained of my $6,000,000.”

“So I used the money to buy a small motel, which my wife and I built into a thriving honeymoon destination… romantic amenities, cabins, the whole bit.”

“Then in 2016, just as we were about to sell, a California-style firestorm hit the Smokey Mountain foothills… burning our motel and all the cabins to the ground.”

“We were out of business and underinsured.”

“Having less than $100k in the bank when you’re more than 70 years old is a harsh reality no one should have to face, I can tell you that!”

“Trading seemed like the only solution. So I took a couple inexpensive classes on options trading. And everything they said went right over my head. They kept talking about Theta, Gamma, Delta and it was all Greek to me!”

“Then I came across Chuck Hughes and I found Chuck’s book very refreshing.”

“It was something I could easily understand. So I signed up for his course and his advisory service. And I’m happy to say, I’m not worried about the future anymore!”

“I made my very first option trade on my birthday. It was June 18th and I invested $1,083.47. And my return was $3,886 - that’s a 358% gain in just one day!”

“I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t expect to make almost $3,900 on my very first trade. What a great birthday present that was!”

“I started out trading just 1 contract for 100 shares… but before long I built it up so I could trade 10 contracts.”

“So I was profiting from thousands of shares of Amazon, Netflix, Tesla and Facebook… stocks that move several dollars a day… 1,000 shares times a $10 or $20 move… That’s some serious cash!”

“In November I had two separate trades that made over $80,000… I was so excited I sent Chuck my broker statements. He’ll tell you, I am not exaggerating in the least bit.”

“I had more than quadrupled my money which allowed me to take out $10,000 a month to live on and still have plenty to trade with!”

“Now my wife, who is 15 years younger than me, wants to trade options too. She figures that way she can keep the cash coming long after I’m gone. Sounds like a good plan to me… so long as she follows Chuck!”

Jon sure has endured some radical ups & downs in his life; wouldn’t you say?

But he says his worries for the future are finally over forever… and I believe it’s true. 

Now, let’s see what we can do about your future. Shall we?

Learn the Secret Behind Simple
Highly Profitable Trading

If you hated school and the word “study” makes you cringe, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

TRADE OPTIONS FOR A LIVING is comprehensive… yet easy to read. And it’s so thoroughly captivating you won’t want to put it down!

These Optioneering® strategies have produced documented profits in the MILLIONS and every detail, start to finish is included. Nothing is left out. And nothing is left to the imagination.

You’ll thrill at your growing sense of empowerment with each page you turn... each Optioneering® secret you learn... and each trade you enter, (because you can start trading your first day).

You see, TRADE OPTIONS FOR A LIVING is a hands-on course in which you learn by doing… with me guiding you every step of the way!

Your Fast-Track To Success
3-Part DVD Collection

Experts agree, people learn faster in a multimedia environment.

So, in a ‘virtual reality’ setting you will follow me step-by-step through the entire thought process I use on a daily basis.

Learn how I go about producing millions of dollars in profits, (as documented through actual broker statements and tax returns). And picture yourself doing the same things I do.

Once you’ve watched all 3 DVDs I think you’ll be ready to jump in and start placing trades yourself… because the truth is, you learn by doing. There’s really no other way.

So you and I are going to trade together for two full years!

2 Full Years
Hughes Optioneering®

Hughes Optioneering® WEEKLY STOCK & OPTION ALERT NEWSLETTER is your springboard to Optioneering® success.

Concise, specific & actionable… each weekly issue contains everything you need to trade with confidence starting the very first day…

In Summary we recommend the following:

Buy AIV stock
Buy FDN stock

Buy to Open the BLL May 17 52.5-strike Call

If you have a 25% or higher profit in this trade,
Leg into a debit spread... Click for more info

Buy to Open the IPAY May 17 39-strike Call

If you have a 25% or higher profit in this trade,
Leg into a debit spread... Click for more info

Hughes Optioneering® WEEKLY STOCK & OPTION ALERT NEWSLETTER truly is ideal for traders of every level... even complete newbies.

Just think of all the fun you’ll have and all the money you can potentially make playing “follow the leader” with a proven trackrecord like this…

336.42% Average Profit
In Our Current Option Portfolio

To give you an idea of what you might expect, I’m going to show you a complete list of our currently open trades.

During this particular snapshot in time the US is embroiled in trade wars with China, growing military tension with Iran, fickle Fed policies, and a host of other market influencers that have traders pulling their hair out… Yet, we’re doing just fine.

As you peruse this list of trades, please notice these four winning characteristics…

Diversified equities from a variety of industries create greater stability.

Winners vastly outpace losers for a P/L ratio of 2528-to-1.

Small Losses because if a trade fails to develop, we’re quick to exit and move on.

Huge Profits from reinvesting incremental gains and allowing profits to grow to their full potential… like the 2,330.4% gain so far for our Computer Software ETF option!

Men & Women

Are Thrilled By The Life-Changing
Results They’ve Been Getting –
Imagine You Doing This!

“I’ve raked in over $1.43 MILLION and I’m still going strong. Even if you’ve never made a penny before, these methods can help you make money hand over fist... and have a great time doing it!”

Dan J.,
Florida - Real Estate Developer

“My experience with the stock market was pretty dismal. So I read Chuck’s book. And I liked how simple his program is. So I joined his trading group. And, in less than 6 months my after-commission profits totaled $100,031. That’s like $20k a month!”

Mark H., Business Owner
Oswego, OR

“Chuck’s strategies changed my life tremendously. I went through a series of financial, health and other issues and honestly, I don’t know where I would be right now without the Chuck Hughes program.”

Seminar Attendee

So, there you have it… a real possiblity of health, wealth, and happiness… as promised. And finding your own trades is even more fun!

Finding Your Own Trades
Is One Thing That Will Really
Get Your Blood Pumping!

By now it should be obvious how Hughes Optioneering® WEEKLY STOCK & OPTION ALERT NEWSLETTER can potentially lead you to greater wealth and happiness than you ever imagined possible.

But that’s not all…

Every week you’re going to read my market analysis, follow my trade suggestions, and compare what you’re doing with what you learned in your TRADE OPTIONS FOR A LIVING manual…

Then, before you know it, I think you’ll feel like an Optioneering® expert yourself!

And it’s a proven fact… the stimulation, statisfaction, and pure thrill of finding winning trades will supercharge you mentally and could possibly add years to your life… Google “working past 65” and you’ll see.

Best of all… learning to trade on your own, so my analysis and trade suggestions are a convenience but no longer a necessity…

Could very likely give you the most liberating sense of empowerment you can imagine. Just ask Gilles…

“I think I made about 90% return my first year and I’m getting better all the time!”

Gilles K., Commercial Pilot
Sarasota, Florida

“The airline I work for has gone through two bankruptcies. Consequently, they terminated my pension. I literally lost over 1.5 million dollars in retirement funds. And in just 8 years I’ll be facing mandatory retirement.”

“So, you can see why I was so happy to learn about Chuck.”

“I could just take Chuck’s trade recommendations and go on my merry way. But I go along with the old expression: If you give a man a fish you feed him for the day. If you teach the man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. So I try to do as much analysis on my own as I can. And it really has worked out very well.”

“So, now my retirement fund is growing… I’ve been able to give more money to my church and other charitable organizations… And I’m encouraging my 25-year-old daughter to get involved so she can make her lifestyle easier and happier for herself and my grandchildren.”

“I guess you could say Optioneering is now somewhat of a legacy and that makes my wife and me both very happy.”

It warms my heart to hear Giles talk about Optioneering® becoming a legacy of wealth and happiness that will possibly last for generations to come.

That’s exactly how I feel. And I want you to feel that way too.

So for a limited time, I’m slashing the price of this incredible 2-Year all-inclusive, hands-on, learn-by-doing TRADE OPTIONS FOR A LIVING course, (worth $1,997 or more)… to make it easily affordable for almost anyone.

Strive to Create Your Own
Legacy of Wealth Just 47¢ a Day!

I want this to be the easiest decision of your life. So I decided to cut our profits just this once for this one-time offer.

Say “Yes” today and  you’ll pay just $297 for 2 full years of trading guidance… and the possibility of creating a legacy of wealth to last for generations to come.

For pennies a day I’m going to teach you my secrets to winning and I’m also going to send you actionable trades that could potentially earn you… $20,000 a month, like Mark H… $227,720 in 6 months like Jon T… more than $1.43 MILLION over 4 years like Dan J…

And that’s not all!

Live Seminar on DVD
(While Supplies Last)

I am so determined to show you how it feels to enjoy an exciting, carefree retirement…

I’m going to also send you a digital recording of my $2,000 Vegas seminar… Trade Options For Income, (while supplies last).

This power-packed seminar delves into what is possibly the fastest, safest, and easiest way for you to potentially fund the retirement of your dreams on a shoestring budget.

Optioneering® seminars are such an entertaining way to ‘sharpen the saw’ and master new techniques, even long-time subscribers with a firm grasp of Optioneering® strategies attend every chance they get. 

Bob and Myra, who were interviewed at the Vegas seminar I’m going to send you a recording of, are a perfect example…

“We’ve been following Chuck’s strategies for 10 years. We like them because he doesn’t do anything where you can lose your shirt. You can make good rates of return without taking unnecessary risks.”

Bob & Myra,
Seminar Attendees

Traders traveled long distances as far as Switzerland and paid $2,000 to attend my Trade Options For Income seminar.

And now, if you hurry, you’re going to get the same training in the comfort of your easy-chair, absolutely FREE.

What’s more, this exciting seminar will be yours to keep, re-watch, and share with others forever… even  if you cancel your newsletter and return your TRADE OPTIONS FOR A LIVING course for a full refund!

2-Year Money-Back
Satisfaction Guarantee

After everything you’ve seen and heard already, I can’t imagine why you’d be on the fence over spending just $297 for such a potentially life-changing opportunity.

Traders like Dr. David paid as much as 16 times more… and many say it’s the best investment they ever made…

“I joined Chuck’s organization and following his recommendations the profits started rolling in right away... And growth is really accelerating fast! Best investment I ever made.”

Dr. David V., Physician

But, if you’re still undecided… here’s what you should do.

To get your incredible 2-Year all-inclusive, hands-on, learn-by-doing TRADE OPTIONS FOR A LIVING course for just $297…

And to get my $2,000 Trade Options For Income seminar on DVD for free, (while supplies last)…

You need to act today!

But, you can spend the next 2 years deciding if it’s right for you.

And, if you decide at any point… even 23 months from now… that it’s not right for you… cancel your advisory newsletter, return your TRADE OPTIONS FOR A LIVING manual & 3-Part Fast-Track DVDs and I’ll refund every penny you paid today!

In other words, say “Yes” today…

See for yourself how extraordinary Optioneering® can be compared to every other trading program out there… Then you can decide.

“When I first started trading I took a course but the rules were so confusing I lost money. Then about 5 years ago I took Chuck’s course. And it made good sense. I knew it was something I could do. And it’s been very good.”

Steve F., Comp Programmer
Springfield, VA

The Time for You
To Act is NOW!

If Optioneering® wasn’t as extraordinary as everybody says; we’d go broke offering a 2-year money-back guarantee like this.

But Optioneering® is extraordinary… In fact, I think it’s absolutely spectacular. And I feel confident once you try it, and see the results for yourself… like most folks, you’ll agree.

That’s why I feel good about giving you this unprecedented 2 year satisfaction guarantee on a 2-year course.

So do yourself a favor and act now…

I won’t be offering this one-of-a-kind, 2-Year all-inclusive, hands-on, learn-by-doing TRADE OPTIONS FOR A LIVING course for just $297 very long… my accountants will make sure of that.

And we have a limited number of Trade Options For Income seminar DVDs on hand… somewhere around 250, I believe. So, if you don’t act fast you’re going to miss your chance to get this $2,000 training for free. 

As I said in the beginning… health, wealth, and happiness go hand-in-hand. And this is the best way I know for you to possibly get all three.


Chuck Hughes

PS I’m backing up my pledge of health, wealth & happiness with one more big promise… I, myself, my wife, Helen, and 3 of our children who have joined my crusade to uphold the American Dream, will be on hand to answer your questions and help any way we can to ensure your success.


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Trade Options For A Living Course
I understand I'll receive Trade Options For A Living easy-to-follow manual revealing Optioneering® strategies proven to reduce risk and increase profit potential several times over.

I'll receive the 3-Part Fast-Track to Success DVDs

And I'll receive Hughes Optioneering® Weekly Stock & Option Alert Newsletter delivering step-by-step analysis on 4 new stock & option trades every week for 2 full years... that's a total of 416 action-ready profit opportunities!
Trade Options For Income Seminar
FREE $2,000
Please also send me the video recording of your $2,000 Vegas seminar: Trade Options For Income absolutely FREE if at all possible. I know there are a limited number available and they'll be given away on a first-come, first-serve basis. But I'm responding just as quickly as I can and I hope I'm not too late to receive this valuable gift!
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