New "Pop and Drop Swing Trading Method" Uses
Eerily Accurate Chart Pattern to Stack Profits Fast...

Profits on the POP


Profits on the DROP!

Turns $1,000 into $125,209.20 in profits...
in just 40 months!

Look at these two trades...

Excited people looking at stock charts showing 116% on BIDU and 91% on RHT

Wendy Kirkland

Hello, my name is Wendy Kirkland, and what you're about to discover may be one of the easiest, most profitable, and most reliable trading methods I've ever developed.

It's based on a specific chart pattern that predicts (with uncanny accuracy) exactly when stocks are going to POP and when they're going to DROP.

As you'll soon see, these trades are:

These explosive moves often last only a few hours, but frequently produce double and even triple digit profits.

I'm talking about potential gains of 72%, 105%... even 144%.

(A 144% winner using this trading method could turn a $500 grubstake into $1,220 in less than a day. Not bad, right?)

Here's an example of what one of these trades looks like:

Stock chart showing 134% on LOW

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Let me ask you a question. Have you ever witnessed a stock make a big move up first thing in the morning — like what you see in the previous chart? If you've ever traded before, I'm sure you have.

And I'm also just as sure you missed that opportunity and felt sick to your stomach as you realized just how much profit you could have put in your pocket.

Then you start doing the math. "If only I had put $2,000 into that stock, I'd be sitting on a $1,500 profit today..."

But now it's too late. You can't go back in time for a "do-over." And you can't predict when or where another big move (like the one you missed) will happen again...

...Or Can You?

Part of the problem trying to catch these big moves is that they often happen right at the market open. The biggest part of the move is often over within the first hour or two of the day.

Which means: If you weren't already in the stock the night before... chances are you missed out completely.

And nobody wants to be the "Johnny-come-lately" who gets in AFTER the move is done... only to lose his shirt when the price reverses. No thanks!

Now let me ask you another question...

Various representations of charts and percentages overlaying each other

What If There Was a Way to Predict a Big Move
The Day BEFORE It Happened?

And what if you could then open a position before the market closed so you could participate in the full range of the price movement the next morning — closing your position just 20 hours later for a potentially sweet double-digit or triple-digit profit?

This might seem like a fantasy to you right now, but I promise you it is not only possible... it's PROBABLE... once you learn how to identify and trade the unique chart pattern I've discovered.

And I would love to teach it to you so you can start multiplying your trading account with explosive trades like these...

3 Stock charts showing 90% on GDX, 68% on KO, and 183% on NVDA

As you can see, the gains you'll enjoy are sometimes so breathtaking you'll wonder how you're getting away with it.

But I promise you: This is all 100% tested, proven, and legal. Once you get the hang of it, it may even start to feel normal.

So I'm sure you're already thinking, "Okay, I would love to get in on these trades... but how on God's green earth do you know WHEN one of these big moves is about to happen??"

I'll tell you all about that in just a minute. But first, I want to make you a promise. Here it is:

Gears over blueprint

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If You Learn My
"Pop and Drop Swing Trading Method,"
You Could DOUBLE Your Money in the Next 12 Month

My promise to you is simple.

If you give me permission to teach you how to identify and trade this "POP and DROP" chart pattern, and you follow my Pop and Drop Swing Trading Method to a "T", I promise you will have the potential to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in the next 12 months.

This means:

Please know this: My promise is still valid no matter if the stock market is going UP or DOWN. It makes no difference.

And you don't have to take a full year if you don't want to. In fact, many of my best students double their money in the very first month and continue pocketing big profits week in and week out.

I believe with all my heart that this is possible for you, too.

Green arrow exploding from a chart and crossing a map of the world

Could You Use an Extra $5,000
or $10,000 a Month?

"An extra $5,000 or $10,000 a month? That's a big claim, Wendy..."

Yes, I know it is, especially if you're struggling financially right now.

And don't be deceived. Despite appearances, many people are struggling. Even people I know who have good jobs and upper middle class incomes are having a hard time making ends meet.

Blame it on skyrocketing health insurance... blame it on high interest student loans... blame it on getting over-extended to buy a home... blame it on whatever you want.

Many good families are saddled with high expenses and lots of debt. Of course, you'd never know this just by looking from the outside, but it's more common than you think.

Now maybe you've already got it made and extra income wouldn't do you much good right now. And if that's the case, I'm truly happy for you.

But if you could use some extra money, wouldn't it be nice to have the potential of generating a "side income" of an extra $5,000 or $10,000 a month to pay for some of those expenses that are weighing you down?

Ken C.

"It has been a good week of trading for me. I want to thank you for your books and services that you provide. I have been short-term trading and I'm doing great. $200 and $300 per day. Just to let you know, I have already turned my $5,000 account into $40,042.47 as of today."

— Ken C.

Dollie A.

"I'm happy with a few hundred bucks once or twice a day... it's a comfortable way to trade."

— Dollie A.,
San Luis, Arizona

Wouldn't it be a freeing feeling to wipe out some of your debts for good — just pay them off 100% in one fell swoop — and start socking away for an early retirement?

This isn't lip service, by the way. I actually went through a major financial crisis before I ever discovered trading as a way to earn an income.

How an Unexpected Flood Destroyed Everything
I Owned... and Put me on the Path to Financial Independence

My husband and I actually used to operate a gift shop in a quaint little town called Asheville, North Carolina.

Our gift store was successful, and we always envisioned it as our retirement plan... until one day, disaster struck.

A heavy storm hit our area, and our shop was completely flooded. We had no flood insurance, so we lost everything. We were in big trouble, and I was desperate.

While I began looking for new ways to make money — a friend introduced me to options trading. Somehow, it just made sense to me, and I got really into it.

I started reading books, watching financial news, taking courses...

Most surprising of all, I got really good. I was beginning to make more money trading than we had ever made in our gift store, so I decided to pursue it full time.

In 2009, I wrote Option Trading in Your Spare Time after successfully trading options for approximately 7 years. I LOVED that my book helped so many people achieve financial independence through trading, just like I had.

In 2010, I created something called the P3 System, a strategy that zeroed in on a chart pattern that pinpointed when a stock was ready to significantly pop up in value. (That system, by the way, in a rigorous hypothetical study, allowed us to turn $6,000 per trade into $1.96 million in just 14 months!)

Since then, I've continued to trade options, study charts, and look for new patterns. And that's what ultimately led me to discover the new "Pop and Drop" chart pattern... a pattern that produces monster gains in short periods of time with frightening accuracy.

Even better:


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This Chart Pattern Happens Many Times a Day in Many
Different Stocks... Learn How to Identify It and You Could
Double Your Money Every Week in Just 30 Minutes a Day

Play along with me for a minute and imagine the pure excitement of that first winning trade which proves to you that this chart pattern and trading method really do work.

Then imagine what it would be like to spend just 30 minutes in the afternoon scanning some of your favorite stocks... entering your position... and DOUBLING your money in less than 24 hours.

And imagine doing this at least once a week, repeating it again and again for bigger and bigger profits. It's not as hard as it seems when you're able to catch big moves like these...

2 stock charts showing 90% on NEM and 70% on F
Watering a bush shaped like a dollar sign

The Amazing Power of Doubling Your Money...

Due to the power of compounding profits, many investors are happy to grow their wealth by just 8% a year. At 8%, you will double your money every 9 years.

That's not bad, but what if you could double your money EVERY WEEK instead of every 9 years??

If you start with $3,000 and are able to double it every week for four weeks... you'll have $48,000 in a month... a year's worth of wages for many people.

That's the almost magical power of using the "POP and DROP" chart pattern and then "stacking" your profits!

Of course, this is just an illustration, and I know it's easy to be skeptical. No system produces winners every time... and potentially doubling your money every week probably sounds a little bit too good to be true.

So what has this new Pop and Drop Swing Trading System produced so far?

Put it this way... digital prerelease testing reveals just $10,000 per trade produces $1,252,092 in profits... in just 40 short months!

Melvin C.

"Wendy's system is your own personal ATM... This morning I made $800 in less than 2 hours!"

— Melvin C.,
Perris, CA

It requires a small investment of time up front to learn the "Pop and Drop" chart pattern, how to recognize it, how to trade it. But once you know this, you can easily spot winning trades every week.

And then you can get busy stacking your profits into a sizeable nest egg!

IMPORTANT: This has nothing to do with trading penny stocks or pink sheets, which are notoriously risky. In fact, it works best with popular high-volume stocks where there is plenty of volume and liquidity to get in and out... fast.

Gears on a blueprint

The "Pop and Drop" Chart Pattern
Doesn't Care About a Stock's Direction...

Maybe the best part about this unique chart pattern is that it has two ways to profit built right into it.

You profit when the stock POPS... and profit again when it DROPS! That's because this specific trading pattern often goes in both directions in a short time period — almost like a mirror image.

And the stock doesn't even have to go up first. That's because you can play the pattern in reverse: Profit first when it DROPS... and then profit again when it POPS!

Do you see why this is such a big benefit?

It doesn't matter whether the stock (or the stock market) is trading up or down... because you get to profit both ways, potentially collecting triple-digit gains each time — with the same exact stock.

This "Pop and Drop" Chart Pattern Could Be
the Biggest Discovery of My Trading Career...

Since I have been monitoring the options market for more than 15 years, I'm always looking for new ways to interpret charts... so that I can gain an advantage to pass on to my students.

Well, over the last couple years I began to notice these big morning moves seemed to be happening more often than in the past. Each time, I would get excited that it was the beginning of an even bigger move. But almost every time it would flatten out the rest of the day or even taper down.

I got frustrated missing out on these big price moves. And so I began to apply some indicators and tweak their settings. I had a hunch that if I tweaked the chart settings in a specific way... and looked for confirmation on a faster chart... that I might "unlock" the secret to catching these trades.

And... after looking at dozens of charts and playing with indicators for weeks... I finally cracked the code!

Your Path to Trading Riches
Hidden in Divine Mathematics?

In nature, there's something called The Golden Ratio, also known as the Divine Proportion. It appears frequently in nature: in shells, leaves, and plants.

It also has unique properties. For example, 20th Century artists and architects have used the Divine Proportion because it is visually pleasing.

What's interesting, though, is that the Divine Proportion also shows up in financial markets! In fact, Fibonacci sequences are based on the Divine Proportion.

This was one of the key insights that led me to the ability to predict big moves before they happen. What I did was this:

It turns out these indicators all began to act in harmony with each other... and they would all make certain predictable patterns right before a stock was going to make a big move.

I could hardly believe it!

The pattern repeated over and over again with different stocks to the point where I knew it was both predictable and reliable.

I was over-the-moon excited when I made this discovery... and I'm just as excited now! And not only because it has the potential to earn my students a whole lot of moolah... but because once you learn how to identify this "Pop and Drop" trading pattern, it could literally change your financial fortunes in just a few short weeks.

Risk dial set to Minimum

It's Low Risk, Too!

As you know, regardless of the chart pattern or system you use, not every trade is going to be a winner. That's just part of the game.

But what about the "Pop and Drop" chart pattern I've discovered and the Swing Trading Method that goes with it?

Here are the facts: Based on hypothetical testing, the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Method has nearly an 80% win rate. And because of trade management rules, the few trades that don't work out are quickly closed at break even or a small loss.

Nathan V.

"The trades I uncovered are about 95% winners and profits are 50% - 100%. My friends keep asking me to quit working and manage their money."

— Nathan V.,
Software Engineer

To verify the reliability and profitability of this method, historical testing found 496 total trades and kept detailed records of my results. Of those, I found 387 winning trades for an average profit of $367.98 per winning trade.

The losses were much smaller than the wins... only $157.78 per trade... for an average total profit per trade of $252.44.

If you do the math, this system uncovered 4 winning trades for every 1 losing trade. And those 4 winning trades would have advanced my account balance by $367.98 each... while the losing trade would have subtracted only $157.78.

Four big steps forward, one small step back. Here's what that looks like...

$367.98 + $367.98 + $367.98 + $367.98 - $157.78 = $1,314.14

And then you do it again and again and again and watch your account balance grow...

$367.98 + $367.98 + $367.98 + $367.98 - $157.78 = $1,314.14
$367.98 + $367.98 + $367.98 + $367.98 - $157.78 = $1,314.14
$367.98 + $367.98 + $367.98 + $367.98 - $157.78 = $1,314.14
$367.98 + $367.98 + $367.98 + $367.98 - $157.78 = $1,314.14

After 20 trades, you could have a net profit of $5,256.56.

How many times in a row would you do this? Would you be comfortable "swallowing" your one loss in order to keep and compound your 4 winning trades? I know what my answer is — and I think I know what yours is too!

Of course, averages are nice and neat. And yet sometimes your winning streaks can go way beyond just four trades. In one particular stretch of using the Pop and Drop Swing Method, the profits and losses looked like this:

large table of trades, described below

That's 18 wins and only 1 loss during a 1-month stretch of trading. And three of those trades (110%, 96% and 145%) could have potentially DOUBLED my money!

Remember how I talked earlier about how traditional "buy and hold" investors are happy to double their money every 9 years based on an 8% annual rate of return?

Well, in the series of trades I outlined above, I could have doubled my money THREE TIMES in just ONE MONTH!

But it's actually even better than that. Let's say you started with $1,000 on the first trade and "stacked" the profits into each successive trade. If you had done that, your $1,000 would have grown to a whopping $131,873.66... just in that one-month period alone.

Now keep in mind, I do recommend trade management rules to reduce risk, so I would never suggest putting 100% of my money into any one trade. But this shows you just how powerful this "profit stacking" method is.

Just imagine how fast your trading account balance will grow when you start catching major moves like these...

2 stock charts showing 56% on GS and 53% on JNJ

As you can see for yourself...

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The "Pop and Drop" Chart Pattern Combined with
My Swing Trading Method Really Does Work!

But more important than the track record and the charts demonstrating these types of trades are the results my students have attributed to my trading methods...

Fred S.

"5 Weeks Ago I Was Living in Poverty... Now I Have $70,000"

"Just 5 weeks ago I started trading your program. I would really like to inform you of what I have been told by my broker, that my account has increased by 28 thousand dollars just by your ABBV trade. So, the total increase since starting trading with you on the 25th of August stands now at $70 thousand exclusive of today's gain."

"I don't know how to thank you enough because just 5 weeks ago I lived on my Social Security and meager pension about $3 thousand dollars under poverty level. This is an unbelievable story and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

— Fred S.

Mark K.

"You, Me, or Anybody Else Can Make Money with Wendy's System"

"When I left the Sheriff's Dept., I looked to the stock market to supplement my retirement pay. And I have to say, everything's been going much better since I found Wendy's System."

"It's like Wendy took her God-given intuition, that 6th sense that women seem to have, and she applied it to trading options."

"Then she laid everything out in such a way that it doesn't take intuition to do anymore. It's cut and dry. You, me, or anybody else can see what she sees plain as day and can make just as much money as she does too."

"Working in law enforcement can make a man cynical. But I know this to be the real deal. Wendy's System is the best thing that's happened to me, money-wise, since I retired."

— Mark K.,
Retired Deputy Sheriff

Neil P.'s face on a pile of cash

"150% Return in Less than 90 days... You Don't Know How Happy I Am!"

"I would guess 80% to 85% of the trades I found are winners — somewhere in that ballpark. So it's very sweet."

"I started in June with $10,000. And, even though summer months aren't the best time to trade, two and a half months later my account balance is already over $25,000."

"So that's like 150% return in less than 90 days!"

"I wish it hadn't taken me 40 years to find Wendy. I think about the amount of time I have spent, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars I've lost trying to learn how to make consistent profits."

"You don't know how happy I am the struggle's behind me and the profits keep rolling in."

— Neil P.,
Retired Real Estate Appraiser

Click Here to read more success stories from happy students!

Are these people any different than you? No, not really. The only difference is they set their doubts aside and decided to give my trading method a fair trial.

And why not? They have my money-back guarantee to refund their initial purchase of my system if they don't double their money in 12 months. And, as I mentioned earlier, many of my best students double their money in the first few weeks.

Some have even gone on to turn trading into a "second career" that has made them WAY more money than they ever made in their job, and in less time too!

I've done well for myself and continue to do well, but it's my students' success stories that really rev me up and get me excited every day. In fact, I would absolutely love it if YOU were my next student to learn my "Pop and Drop Swing Trading Method" and experience your very own "rags to riches" story. Nothing would make me happier!

Why the "Pop and Drop Swing Trading Method" May Be the Most Powerful Strategy I've Ever Devised...

Hand holding a lightbulb

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This Might Be the Perfect Time to Start Stacking Profits with
the "POP and DROP" Chart Pattern...

When I first identified the "Pop and Drop" chart pattern and developed this trading method, the markets were experiencing record low volatility. In other words, the price movements in the overall market just weren't that big.

Yet, even with record low volatility, the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Method still worked like a charm.

And with volatility increasing fast, it's looking like it will be even more effective in the weeks and months ahead. Here's why...

On Friday, February 2nd, the DOW lost 665 points. The decline then accelerated into Monday, February 5th. The DOW plummeted as much as 1,597 points during intraday trading and eventually closed down 1,176 points — its biggest one-day drop in history.

But then Tuesday, the very next day, the DOW swung almost 1,200 points from its low to its high before finishing up 567 points.

This is just the beginning. As one Forbes writer puts it, stock market volatility will last for a few months at least.

And what does volatility do? It creates bigger moves, more frequently.

So if you're able to double your money during a period of low volatility (like 2016 and 2017), just imagine how much more money it's possible for you to make during a period of high volatility.

This is why I believe RIGHT NOW may be the perfect time to start using the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Method!

Mark H.

"I literally made over $60,000 bucks while sitting at the pool having a beer with my wife!"

— Mark H.

Special Introductory Offer:
Save 40% When You Respond Today

Listen, I spent more than a year studying charts, applying indicators, and testing this trading method to make absolutely sure that it works.

Some of the early feedback I've received from beta-testers is that this may be the most powerful trading method I've ever developed.

So the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Manual is NOT cheap.

It's normally $497 and should pay for itself within just a few short weeks.

But because it's brand new and I'm looking for more student success stories, you can get a copy of the manual for the Special Introductory price of just $297. That's a 40% discount.

As you go through the manual, you'll get precise instructions for which indicators to apply and what settings to use.

And you'll get numerous examples showing you exactly how to read the charts... how to confirm a move is about to happen... when to enter your trades... and a whole lot more.

You'll learn everything you need to know from A to Z to start trading the "POP and DROP" chart pattern so you can start stacking profits fast.

At the Special Introductory price of $297, it's an incredible value - especially since it could literally change your life by taking you from soul-sucking DEBT... to embarrassing RICHES.

But what if you could get the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Manual for free? Would that interest you?

How to Get My New
"Pop and Drop Swing Trading Manual"

One of the things that really helped me in my trading career, especially in the beginning, was having a trading group and the ability to get a second opinion when I wasn't sure whether or not I was seeing things correctly.

If I had any doubt, I could show a chart to my group and get their feedback immediately. They helped me avoid mistakes... and gave me the confidence to push forward with some trades that became major wins.

I've never forgotten that, and I realize that this kind of connection with other traders is priceless. That's why I've created a virtual roundtable for all the customers who get and use the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Method.

Access to the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Members-Only Chatroom gives you the ability to connect with other option traders who are learning and (most importantly) applying the same trading method you are.

As you learn, place trades, and gain experience, you'll be able to GET advice and even GIVE advice once you feel qualified to do so. Many of my most successful customers participate in the chatroom because it gives them clarity, helps them control their emotions, and keeps them accountable.

The cost for Membership in the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Chatroom is only $297 for the first 3 months. And when you choose this option, I'll send you the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Manual absolutely FREE.

At the end of three months you'll pay just $97 per month — just $3.30 a day — to keep your Membership, conveniently charged to your credit card, and you may cancel at any time. And, by that time, I expect you'll find the Pop and Drop Swing Trading MembersOnly Chatroom is worth many times the small cost of membership.


Request Your Copy of the "Pop and Drop
Swing Trading Manual" Today... and You Could
Start Doubling Your Money Next Week

In my experience, fortune favors those who decide and take action quickly.

If you take no action... or set aside this special report to "think about it"... then there's an extremely high chance that your life will look the same next month as it does today. You will still be facing the same financial struggles. You will still be wondering how you're going to get ahead.

So that's one option. But here's a better option: If you request your copy of the "Pop and Drop Swing Trading Manual" today... you could potentially recoup your investment within the first 2 or 3 trades and start doubling your money next week!

Just imagine what it will be like when you place your first winning trade using the "POP and DROP" chart pattern. And imagine what it will feel like when you hit your first big one that doubles the amount of your trade.

Suddenly, your financial troubles won't seem that bad anymore. Because you will have learned a new life-changing skill... the skill of being able to make big profits from the stock market in very short periods of time.

This skill completely changed my life, and I know it can change your life too... if you just give it a fair chance.

And, remember, you won't risk a penny of your investment today because you'll be protected by my 12-month guarantee. If you don't double your money in the first 12 months, then I want you to contact me for a full refund. And you'll get it. That simple.

Ordering Is Easy...

To order my new "Pop and Drop Swing Trading Manual", please click here now and we'll send out your manual as soon as we process your order.

Please hurry though... the stock market is getting much more volatile. There are HUGE moves happening in individual stocks every day. Each day you don't have my new trading method is a day you're missing out on truly astronomical profits.

So, click here right now to place your order. Because this is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss!

To your financial success,

Wendy Kirkland

P.S. Some of my students are sharing successful trades in the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Members-Only Chatroom right now. Once you're a member, you can login and see these trades, too!

So whether you decide to get just the manual by itself... or the manual plus 3 months of access to the chatroom... just make your decision, click here to order now!

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Access to the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Members-Only Chatroom gives you the ability to connect with other option traders who are learning and (most importantly) applying the same trading method you are.
Wendy Kirkland Pop and Drop Swing Trading Members-Only Chatroom
$297.00 for 3 months, then $97 per month
Access to the Pop and Drop Swing Trading Members-Only Chatroom gives you the ability to connect with other option traders who are learning and (most importantly) applying the same trading method you are.
Pop and Drop Swing Trading Manual
FREE $497
You'll learn everything you need to know from A to Z to start trading the "POP and DROP" chart pattern so you can start stacking profits fast. It's normally $497 and should pay for itself within just a few short weeks.
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