ITM Forever In The Money - $14,453 Every Month - Stop Worry about market ups and downs - instead potentially collect $14,453 every month... and enjoy your life!

"This is like unarmed robbery,
or as close to it as I can imagine!"

Don G., Certified Financial Planner
(See Don's email below)

Dear Friend & Fellow Trader,

People are saying some pretty wild things about ITM. And who can blame them? The possibility of "non-stop cash on demand"... and what you could do with all that cash... is mind-boggling!

ITM doesn't really stand for "In The Money", (although it could). I'll tell you what it really stands for in a minute. But more important is how I discovered this lifesaver in the nick of time!
Wendy Kirkland
At 57 years old I found myself totally broke and desperate... the business my husband & I owned for 25 years, along with our entire life savings, washed away in a matter of hours by a devastating flood.

So believe me; what I'm about to show you is an amazing miracle for me too!

My name's Wendy Kirkland. But, I've been nicknamed the Smoky Mountain Grandma... It's the media's way of heckling 99% of Wall Street's "elite" who can't even come close to my strategy's performance.

And I'll admit, given the way they underestimate this "little old lady", I do get a kick out of showing them up. Wouldn't you?

But what really warms my heart is enthusiastic success stories like these from my students...

Mike H

"I literally made over $60,000 while sitting at the pool having a beer with my wife! Wendy is helping me fulfill my life's dream."

Mike H.,
Owns 2 Gyms in Randolph, MA

Terri F

"I religiously find trades potentially worth $2,000 to $3,000 a day... No problem teaching this old dog new tricks!"

Terri F.,
Retired Accountant in Lapeer, MI

Lorna S

"Because I work, I like to just 'grab-and-go'. I have a $2k acct and I'm trying to supplement my income with a quick $100 a day... $500 wk."

Lorna S.,
Computer Engineer in Asheville, NC

Bob and Fran

"As soon as we hit 30%-40% profit we get out. And that's given us a very nice revenue stream."

Bob & Fran,
Realtors in Hendersonville, NC

In a recent survey of Wendy Kirkland customers, 94% found Wendy's products helpful and half that traded made money

For typical customer results, please click here. These survey results are results from prior products and programs offered by Wendy Kirkland. Past performance from these prior programs does not necessarily guarantee positive performance in this product or any product or program in the future. However, subscribers who do not achieve similar returns will gain a financial education through their participation in this program.

Rising Flood Waters Taught Me
An Invaluable Lesson
I'm Going To Share With You Now

Truth is: You can potentially gain greater financial security from a $15,000 trading account than a 7-fgure bank account! And when I tell you my story, you'll know why.

For 25 years Jack and I poured everything we had into our Biltmore Village gift shop. And we felt good about it.
Flooded town
Then, in 2004 back-to-back hurricanes brought torrential rains to the North Carolina foothills... causing catastrophic flooding in an area that never floods, (so we didn't have flood insurance).

Who could have guessed this tragic disaster in the foothills of North Carolina would potentially lead to carefree prosperity for thousands of men and women coast to coast.

Overnight our income was gone... our capital investment was gone... and all hope of retiring was gone too.

We desperately needed a new source of income... and fast!

In a weird way, the panic I felt... having to start over so late in life... blossomed into a fierce determination to do more than just rebuild.

This time I wanted true financial security and I aimed to get it!

Click Here to learn more about the Smoky Mountain Grandma, Wendy Kirkland.

A $15k Trading Account Can
Potentially Provide Greater Security
Than a 7-Figure Bank Account

Net worth is Finite... But Income can be Infinite.

No matter how much capital wealth you manage to accumulate, you'll never be financially secure until you get an infinite source of income you don't have to work for.

So that's what I worked to achieve.

And once I discovered the secret to potentially earning non-stop income in just a few minutes a day, helping other people do the same became my new mission in life.

Frank S

"In the first 30 days my account
grew from $50,000 to $86,716.56!"

Frank S., Retired
San Diego, CA

Frank's wife passed away when their four children were ages 8 to 14. Raising 4 kids on his own while working in a San Diego shipyard, Frank didn't reach retirement with much in the way of savings. But now, thanks to the system, he can finally enjoy the retirement he deserves...

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"For 20 years I was very fascinated by trading. And I tried it and I made a little bit here and there but it never really clicked."

"So I finally heard about Wendy. And I signed up with her. I put $50,000 I inherited from my mother in a trading account. And Wendy supplied the trade recommendations."

"In the first 30 days my account grew from $50,000 to $86,716.56. That's a 73% profit in just one month!"

"I started out at $3,000 per trade. Then, once I saw it's really working, I opened it up to $4,000. I'm at $6,000 now. That means probably 30 or 40 contracts."

"I mean, this compounding is just unbelievable."

"I've been living on my social security and a meager pension — making do with an annual income of $22,000. And now I'll be able to do as I please."

Practically overnight Wendy's system gave Frank the freedom to "do as I please" in retirement... And I believe it could possibly do the same for you.

Why not see for yourself?

Click Here Now!

Katie, Frank and Melvin are perfect examples...

Katie M

"After my divorce I thought, I'll do whatever it takes to keep my house. It's such a relief to know I don't need to worry about it anymore."

Katie M.,
Clerk at the DOT in Statesville, NC

Melvin C

"It's like having your own personal ATM. This morning I found one worth $800 in less than 2 hrs. This is my livelihood now. Happily it pays the bills!"

Melvin C.,
Laid-off Property Manager in Parris, CA

It pleases me no end to know these three wonderful, deserving people... along with thousands of other men & women from all walks of life... have enjoyed instant success following my tried-and-true program.

But, Inevitable Trend Moves hadn't been discovered yet when I started trading... obviously.

So, while I did achieve overnight success... it didn't come on day one.

My First Several Months
Were a Frustrating Struggle

I knew absolutely nothing about the stock market when my friend suggested I trade for a living.
Inevitable Trend Moves Can Be Quite Spectacular - Chart of MO - Daily Altria Group showing 327.84% Profit in 10 Days, with potential profit on $2,037 of $6,657
And frankly, turning a few hundred bucks into a steady source of income sounded pretty far-fetched to my ears.

But, the advice came from a trusted friend. And I was desperate to find a way to pay the bills...

So I took a giant leap of faith...

Using $400 we no longer needed for the electric bill, (the flood knocked out our power)...

I signed up for a course on trading options, (you can read more about options below).

Inevitable Trend Moves Can Be Quite Spectacular - Chart of PEP - Daily Pepsico Inc showing 208.11% Profit in 22 Days, with potential profit on $2,035 of $4,217 Then, a few weeks later I scraped together $800 and opened a trading account.

Now, I wish I could tell you the profits started rolling in right away, all our problems were solved, and we lived happily ever after.

But, that's not what happened.

The 5-week trading course did a great job of convincing me that trading options could in fact make you very rich...

However, it didn't give me the winning edge I needed to succeed.

Sound familiar?

What I Needed Was A Miracle
And That's What I Got!

It didn't take long to figure out the stock market in general... and the option market in particular... is largely controlled by powerful insiders.

That's why so many everyday people get frustrated and quit.

But for me, quitting was not an option, (no pun intended).

Threatened by the imminent possibility of homelessness, I was determined to get the money we needed to survive by trading options.

And when you think about it, it shouldn't be that hard to do. Here's why...

Since the market will inevitably move in the direction the 'Big Boys' push it, all I needed was a way to determine what the insiders were up to... and jump in with them!

So I started reading books, taking courses, and studying charts... totally obsessed with my need to succeed.
Inevitable Trend Move - Squeeze - Separate - Pop - Chart demonstrating ITM Hybrid indicator
And still I'd win some... lose some... then win and lose some more. What I needed was a miracle.

Then one day I accidentally deleted the template for my charts.

And when I reconstructed the layout, I mixed up the oscillators at the bottom.

I didn't think the sequence made any difference. But, as it turned out, I was wrong!

Inadvertently, I had positioned my favorite trend indicator immediately below a little-known price oscillator...

Low and behold, the two indicators viewed as one creates a crystal clear picture of where the "Big Money" is headed!

All I had to do was hop on board and enjoy the ride!

I couldn't believe it. Suddenly I had the kind of overnight success I hope you'll have now... and the money started rolling in!

It's Like a Miracle
That Happens Over & Over Again
For Men & Women Everywhere!

George and MaryAnn

"It really is amazing how, when those two oscillators come together and then start going apart, it seems like the market has got to move; like it has no choice. It's like the force of demand has become greater than supply, or however you want to say it. It seems pretty failsafe to me."

George & MaryAnn,
Newsletter Publisher in Oakland, NJ

Jane B

"When the indicators line up, that sucker is bound to pop! I can't tell you how wonderful Wendy's System has been for me, all the way around. I'm 72 years old. And I have avoided the stock market my entire life. But now, I have the self-realization that I can do it and I can do it well. I am just thrilled. I have a whole new life. It's just awesome!"

Jane B.,
Retired Accountant in Montfort, NC

Rey J

"Her indicators act almost like a laser honing in on a precise entry point, which she calls the 'sweet spot'. It's really pretty cut-and-dry. You just sit there and pick off the low hanging fruit, so to speak."

Rey J.,
Retired Electronics Engineer in Atlanta, GA

8th Wonder of the World

Einstein called compounding the "8th Wonder of the World"...

I call it...

Your Ticket To Financial Freedom!

Table showing 5 months of trades

However, for compounding to work you must have a high percentage of winning trades (ITM's 80% is great!).

Cost per trade should be a modest percentage of balance (ie: 5½%).

And you should cap your trade size at a reasonable level (ie: $10k max).

To your right you'll see every trade we found during a 5-month period, (that's all I could fit on the page).

Look how fast $15k could have potentially grown to $234,859!

But What Happens After
You Hit Max Trade Size?

In this scenario you would have reached max trade-size of $10k in under 5 months... so what then?

It's silly to let working capital sit idle... so you could either find more profit opportunities in which to invest, (there are thousands of optionable stocks to choose from).

Or, you could start making monthly withdrawals and have some fun...

Either way, doesn't it sound a whole lot better than what you're doing now?

Click Here Now!

All trade results based on previous historical study 9/17 - 9/18.

ITM Creates a Perfect Picture
Of Fundamental Conditions Before They Unfold!

Technically, what my customized ITM indicator is showing you Inevitable Trend Moves Can Be Quite Spectacular - AAPL Daily Apple Inc Chart showing 324.71% Profit in 29 Days - Potential Profit on $1,914 of $6,169 is a collision between momentum and strength.

And that collision is the best indication I've ever seen as to the next Inevitable Trend Move.

Nathan says the uncanny accuracy of the these indicators empowers him to actually predict what will appear on the next Investor's Business Daily Watch List...

Then, he gets in before the IBD stampede drives up prices! Pretty sweet deal, wouldn't you say?

In fact, what Nathan has to say about the results he's getting is pretty amazing all the way around. See for yourself...

"The trades I find are about 95% winners
with potential profits of 50%-100%"

Nathan V.

Nathan V., Software Engineer
Worcester, MA

Nathan is an expert when it comes to the stock market and technical analysis. In 2007 he wrote one of the automated trading systems used by JP Morgan. And he's had numerous offers from other financial firms, (Goldman Sachs & Interactive Brokers for example). But, he turned them all down so he could avoid conflicts and pursue his own trading ambitions. That's where Wendy's strategy comes in!

"I used to be a big stock player. Then I came across Wendy's book and realized that options are really the best way to go."

"Like a lot of stock traders, I'm a big fan of Investor's Business Daily and their weekly lists of stocks to watch. Or at least I was before I realized that Wendy's Newsletter gives you a jump on IBD!"

"It's really kind of weird because IBD does a scan based on fundamental criteria. And Wendy's is purely technical. But I've been watching. And week after week the stocks that Wendy lists in her newsletter show up Saturday in IBD."

"Not all of IBD's stocks are on Wendy's list. But pretty much all of Wendy's stocks turn up on IBD's list. It's like the System picks the crème de la crème days ahead of time. And you get to legally front-run thousands of IBD subscribers!"

"For example, recently I found trades potentially worth 71% on Chipotle Mexican Grill, 49% on Potash Corp, 32% on Amazon and 102% on Netflix."

"As for losers, I didn't find a single one!"

"In all my testing, my success factor with Wendy's system is about 95%... with potential profits of 50%-100%."

"My friends keep asking me to quit working and manage their money!"

Legal Front-Running?
How Exciting Is That!

Honestly, I don't think the correlation between my ITM list... which I'll tell you more about in a minute... and IBD's fundamental scan is all that surprising.
Inevitable Trend Moves Can Be Quite Spectacular - AAL Daily American Airlines Grp Inc Chart showing 265.98% Profit in 43 Days - Potential Profit on $1,940 of $5,142
After all, technical indicators reflect price action. And price action is driven by institutional traders making decisions based largely on fundamental analysis.

But the idea of getting in ahead of the crowd instead of chasing the market... now that is exciting. Don't you think?

And, as you can see by the American Airlines chart to your left...

ITM works just as well when buying Put options in a down market.

All you have to do is rearrange the indicators and read them in a slightly different way.

We don't have time to delve into the bear market version of the ITM signal right now.

But, as Jerry can tell you, it works fantastic!

"In my opinion, if you don't make money using Wendy's systems you aren't really trying."

Jerry L

Jerry L., Electrical Engineer
Yorktown, PA

Jerry is a retired electrical engineer living in Pennsylvania. But he also has a condo in Myrtle Beach he uses income from trading to support. So, reliable cash flow regardless of market conditions is important.

"I subscribed to Wendy's newsletter and the first month I found trades worth $3,000. Next month $6,000. And in the third month $9,000... all on a $20,000 initial account."

"Unfortunately there's not always a bull market. So it's nice to be able to make money buying puts in a down market with the bear market version of her strategy."

"My main objective is to supplement my retirement. I have a condo in Myrtle Beach that I need extra money to support. I also like to travel. I plan to take out an extra $3,000 from my investment account every month to support my chosen retirement lifestyle."

"But any other profits I'm leaving in so I can steadily buy more option contracts for each stock. That's when the REAL MONEY should start rolling in!"

Just think, within days of receiving his first weekly newsletter Jerry found trades worth $3,000... and by the third month he found three times as much!

Even more exciting is the way Jerry plans to compound his initial $20,000 into vast wealth... while taking out $3,000 every month to enjoy.

As Frank S. talks about above, you can see for yourself the power of compounding using actual ITM trades we found over the past 16 months.

Bell-Ringer ITM Profits Of
Inspire a Flood of Excited Emails!

Chart of ABBV - Daily AbbVie Inc showing 995.83% Profit in 11 Days with potential profit on $2,016 of $20,056

From Fred S.—
I have been told by my broker that my account has increased by $28,000 just by your ABBV trade recommendation. So the total increase since starting trading with you on the 25th of August stands now at $70,000 exclusive of today's gain. I don't know how to thank you enough because just 5 weeks ago I lived on social security. Thank you!

From Dennis M.—
I wanted to congratulate Wendy on ABBV, what must be one of the greatest trades of the century!!! I bought 20 initial positions and made a fortune! I got out of some along the way, did not hold all until the end, but still made huge money. Wendy is by far the best trader who I deal with, and the only one who I would and will subscribe to again!

From Ken C. —
Just to let you know, I have already turned my $5,000 account into $40,042.47 as of today. Not bad for three months' work, all because of again, thank you for all that you do for the little people.

From Don G. —
This is like unarmed robbery, or as close to it as I can imagine! I remember when I used to be a Certified Financial Planner and the Series 7 exam contained questions related to how options were to be avoided like the plague. I understand why now. I can clearly see they want the general public to invest in mutual funds, go long on stocks, etc., so the fund managers and brokerage firms can continue getting richer. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see the light! Keep up the good work.

Ken grew $5,000 to $40,042.47 in 3 months' time. Why not see what you can do in the next 3 months... even just on paper? If you're not absolutely thrilled with your results during these 3 months, just let us know and we'll promptly refund every penny you paid us.

What have you got to lose?

Click Here Now!

But what I'd like to talk about now is withdrawing a set amount every month... like an annuity.

How Big Should Your Paycheck Be?

Over the 16 months ending September 2018... investing approximately $2,000 into every ITM trade we found... you could have potentially earned $231,248, after paying commissions. Some Months Have Shown Absolutely Stupdendous Profit Potential - Bar chart showing monthly profits, as described in surrounding text

That comes out to an average monthly income of $14,453.

But, as you can see, not all months are created equal.

Several months have shown absolutely stupendous profit potential...

September: $34,316
December: $24,831
January: $27,519
August: $26,066

Spend $14,453 Every Month Compound The Rest Into Vast Wealth! Bar chart demonstrating $15,000 Hypothetical Trading account that invests 5.5% per trade... max trade size of $5,000. Commence Monthly Withdrawal on third month.

And I'm happy to report we have not seen a single losing month... not one!

But some months definitely show less potential than others.

So I think you'll agree, taking a monthly paycheck... and compounding the rest... Like Jerry is doing and as you see here...

Seems like a very smart thing to do!

And that's the kind of "magic" Inevitable Trend Moves can make possible for you!

"After many years and many 10s of thousands of dollars trying to find the Holy Grail,
Wendy's got it!"

Neil P.

Neil P., Florida RE Appraiser,
Now Retired in Las Vegas

Neil P. learned about trading from his father, who was an accomplished futures trader. But he says the system blows away everything he's ever seen before... because it does!

"I found Wendy quite by accident and I want to tell you, she really knows what she's doing. She's an amazing woman."

"And it's not complicated either. You jump in. You make your money. You go home. And you do it again tomorrow."

"I would guess 80%-85% of the trades I find are winners — somewhere in that ballpark. So it's very sweet."

"I was pleasantly surprised to see my first month was close to 48%."

"I started in June and I've found trades worth over 150% return in less than 90 days!"

"I wish it hadn't taken me 40 years to find Wendy's system. The amount of time I have spent, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars I've lost trying to learn how to make consistent profits... You don't know how pleased I am it's all behind me now."

It makes me laugh to hear Neil call my system the "Holy Grail". But, considering his 40-year quest, he should know!

And now I'm going to give YOU a chance to experience the magic for yourself.

I'll even send you my complete ITM trading guide for free!


Oscillator lines showing ITM Triggers

When Trend & Momentum Collide
It Can Mean Only One thing...


So Hop In & Enjoy the Ride!

This is the only place where you can learn how to construct and use what traders are calling "The Holy Grail".
Inevitable Trend Moves book cover
The ITM trading guide contains no big words, no confusing terminology, and no long boring sentences... It's just 120 power-packed pages revealing everything you need to know if you want to seek non-stop profits using my proprietary ITM system.

And yes, it's a real book you'll enjoy thumbing through, highlighting, and dog-earing in the comfort of your easy chair!

Crash Course on Options — If you're new to options, you'll love how I start with a fascinating, easy-to-understand introduction to options that will bring you up to speed in no time.

Set Up Your ITM Profit Center — Next we transform your computer into a powerful profit-seeking command center using Stock Charts available for free on the internet. Illustrations and step-by-step instructions make building a template...complete with both the Call & Put ITM indicators... super simple to do.

Just type in any stock code and voila! You're ready to go!

Because the profit secrets contained in the ITM profit guide are just that... SECRETS... You can't buy it for any price.

Bill M

"I have a whole shelf of books on trading. Wendy's work is refreshingly different. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a lot of money in the stock market."

Bill M.,
Computer Engineer in Oak Park, IL

Dollie A

"It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a real experienced trader. We're all using the same tools. The more time you spend in the chat room, the more confident you become."

Dollie A.,
San Luis, AZ

Harley S

"I love the excitement of trading and I consider Wendy's Chat Room as important as her trading system. It's wonderful and very unusual too, for an author to offer traders so much help and support."

Harley S.,
Retired Administrator in Olympia, WA

However, if you say "Yes" to a 3-month trial membership to my ITM Trading Group you'll become an 'ITM Insider'.

And I'll be happy to send you my ITM Profit Guide... easily worth hundreds of dollars... absolutely free!

Let me tell you about all the benefits you'll enjoy as an ITM Charter member starting with the weekly ITM Newsletter.

Weekly Newsletter

The Crème-de-la-Crème of
Potential Profit Opportunities
Delivered To Your Inbox Weekly!

This is the 'watch list' everybody's talking about... the one that will get YOU ahead of the IBD stampede!
Blurry ITM Newsletter Example
This ITM treasure-trove of potential profit opportunities sets the stage for 8-out-of-10 winning trades...

And following those trades could potentially gain you a monthly paycheck of $14,453... ending your money worries forever!

Posted online every Monday afternoon, with a convenient 'click-here' link sent by email or text directly to you...

Your ITM Newsletter is convenient, accurate, and ready to go!

But, wait... there's more.

I'm going to also enroll you in my tremendously popular Trading Chat Room so you can get all the extra help you could possibly want or need... especially in the beginning.

Wendy's Trading Chat Room
You'll Never Be Lonely Again!

You are going to absolutely LOVE my Trading Chat Room... everybody does!
Silhouettes of people at various computers - Wendy's chatroom helps ITM members stay motivated - disciplined - confident and most of all successful!
You'll feel a sudden wave of motivation and confidence sweep over you the minute you login to Wendy's Trading Chat Room...

And that's why it's such a popular hang-out for traders of every level...

My Trader's Chat Room is a perfect example of Napoleon Hill's Mastermind principle at work.

Success is contagious! And I want you to catch a chronic case of it!

So when you agree to give my ITM Newsletter a try, you'll receive a lifetime membership to my Trading Chat Room!

With your ITM list in hand...

And your ITM Trading Guide by your side...

Bob and Fran

"We share actual charts and talk about each one. The camaraderie is very good. And Wendy's always around to help. She makes you feel like you're the most important person in the world!"

Bob & Fran,
Realtors Hendersonville, NC

John W.

"Everyone in the Chat Room is so friendly and helpful. Being methodical and having patience is key. Without Wendy's system and Chat Room I'd be completely lost."

John W.,
Business owner in Cincinnati, OH

Kishor P.

"Wendy gets in the Chat Room and helps everybody out. It's amazing how supportive she is. Every session is really, really great. Don't try to do it on your own. I have nothing but praise for Wendy."

Kishor P.,
Tech Support in New Brunswick, Canada

If I gave you $15k to play with....


Graph showing $500,612 lump sum, bar chart showing $235,108 after spending $14,453 every month

4 Reasons Why
Options Are The #1 Choice of
Savvy Investors Everywhere

Every day more and more stock traders are taking advantage of the unique benefits of options to increase their profits and reduce portfolio risk.

According to the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE), annual volume surpassed 300 million contracts for the first time in 2000 and by 2018 the annual volume grew to 1.1 BILLION... averaging 4.4 million contracts per day!

In case you've never traded options before, let me give you 4 good reasons why they've become the #1 choice of savvy investors everywhere.

  1. LEVERAGE: Each option holds the earning power of 100 shares of stock. Therefore, an option earns $100 for every $1 the stock price exceeds the strike price... So, you need very little money to start earning tremendous profits, (I started with just $800).

  2. LIMITED RISK: When buying options, your risk is limited to the relatively small amount you paid for the option... making options inherently a lot safer than buying stocks and ETFs. And, ITM exit rules reduce risk even further to an average of just -21%.

  3. SIMPLE TO DO: Options are listed securities with sellers making offers and buyers making bids, just like with stocks. And you can enter the same kind of online buy & sell orders for options as you do with stocks... at-the-market, limit, stop-loss. You'll be surprised how simple options trading really is.

  4. THERE'S NEARLY ALWAYS MONEY TO BE MADE: You can make just as much money in a bear market as you can when the market is soaring... which is certainly not the case with stocks... In fact, since markets tend to plunge faster than they climb, buying Put options can be extremely profitable!

Options give you a unique opportunity to double or triple your money in a matter of days... but you have to know what you're doing.

ITM will give you the knowledge and the guidance you need to succeed in any market. Don't pass up this short-cut to lifelong prosperity...

Click Here Now!

10 Minutes a Day Is All It Really Takes...
But a Lot of Traders Enjoy Spending More!


The ITM list of potential profit opportunities is derived using daily charts... and the average trade lasts about 2 weeks.

So, a few minutes once a day is all it takes to determine if it's time to pull the trigger... or take profits... on one of your ITM watchlist stocks.

But, the ITM system works phenomenally well on intra-day charts too.

And you'll find many traders in the Trading Chat Room eagerly grabbing fast day-trading profits using 5-minute... 10-minute... 15-minute... 30 & 60-minute charts too.

The possibility of huge profits can be quite addictive... in a good way. Maybe you'll decide to join the fun!

Ruth M

"I'm only in the trade an hour or two, three maybe. And Wendy's system is so good almost all my trades are winners. I just found 15 trades and 12 of them were green. I mean, it's phenomenal to have that kind of success!"

Ruth M.,
New London, CT

Carl M

"Potential profits like that, you kind of get addicted. Same as a gambler would, except this isn't gambling. You know the odds are always in your favor before you even get in."

Carl M.,
Telephone Lineman in Chicago, IL

Now How About You,
Wouldn't You Like To Join Us?
It's Easy & Risk Free!

My proprietary trading system has empowered thousands of everyday men and women... coast to-coast and around the world...

Faces of various members that provided testimonials on the page

To seek the kind of financial security that can only come from a reliable source of non-stop income.

Take Robert for example. Robert was a rescue helicopter pilot in the Canadian forces for 27 years... talk about living on the edge!

And now, thanks to the trading methods you're learning about today... Robert was able to retire from his ultra-dangerous job... Trade full time... Make lots of money... And he's happy!

"9-out-of-10 Trades I Find Are Winners With a Potential Profit of $300, $400, $500"

Robert C

Robert C., Rescue Helicopter Pilot (Ret.),
Montreal Canada

"I found out about Wendy 2 years ago and bought her system. And I'm doing very well. She changed my life. Because of her I'm home, I'm making money, and I'm happy."

"I was a rescue helicopter pilot in the Canadian forces for 27 years. I retired last summer and since then I've been trading full time. And it works. It works well."

"My goal when I started was to make $200 bucks a day, $1,000 bucks a week. But the trades I'm finding are worth probably $2,500 to $3,000 bucks... sometimes more... sometimes less... But I'd say my average is about $2,500 a week."

Doesn't hearing how my system has enabled this brave combat vet to return home to his family just put a big old smile on your face? It sure does mine.

And now, I'd like to offer you a risk-free, money-back guaranteed chance to seek the same kind of financial security for you and your family...

Your 100% Money-Back
Satisfaction Guaranteed
ITM Success Package

Inevitable Trend Moves book cover, Inevitable Trend Moves newsletter blurred, and silhouettes of people using computers with the words Wendy's chatroom helps ITM members stay motivated - disciplined - confident and most of all successful

ITM Trading Guide

Fun, easy to read, and full of 'Aha' surprises! You'll be thrilled by your new sense of power.
✔ 3 steps to enter
✔ 1 step to Exit
✔ Tally your profits or losses
✔ Repeat!

ITM Newsletter

This action-ready list of stocks the 'Big Boys' are pushing towards a huge move with tremendous profit potential is posted every Monday... Jump in and enjoy the ride!

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Success is contagious... And it's running rampant in Wendy's Trading Chat Room! Log in, get the kind of mastermind support Napoleon Hill says we all need to succeed... And most of all have fun... Your money worries could soon be over forever!

What Does Instant ITM Success Look Like? Sometimes it looks like this... 3 Charts - UPS - Daily United ParcelB showing 272.18% Profit in 10 Days with potential profit on $1,862 of $5,050 - MS - Daily Morgan Stanley showing 125.24% Profit in 10 Days with potential profit on $2,060 of $2,560 - MRK - Daily Merck and Co showing 299.19% Profit in 10 Days with potential profit on $1,980 of $5,916

What wouldn't you give for a chance to enjoy the kind of instant success you've heard about today?

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As a point of reference, I should tell you my advisory service subscribers pay $5,000- $6,000 a year to follow my trades.

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ITM Charter Membership
Just $97

Look at all you'll receive when you say "Yes" to an exclusive ITM Charter Membership for the irresistibly low price of just $97...

Sample blurred Inevitable Trend Moves Newsletter When you say "Yes" you'll gain instant access to the current ITM Newsletter... revealing the crème-de-la-crème of potential profit opportunities... allowing you to legally 'front run' the trader stampede heading your way.

Then, every Monday for the next 13 weeks you'll receive a link to the latest 'hot-off-the-press' edition. At the end of 13 weeks we'll automatically renew your membership for another 3 months for $97, conveniently charged to your credit card. And so it will continue until you say stop.
Inevitable Trend Moves book cover
When you say "Yes" we'll immediately rush the power-packed ITM Guide to your door. And you'll also receive a download link to a digital version so you can get started that same day! It's impossible to put a value on the potentially life-changing secrets the ITM Guide contains... so we don't even try. The ITM Guide is not available for purchase at any price. But, when you say "Yes" to an exclusive ITM Charter Membership, we'll send it to you for FREE.

When you say "Yes", you'll receive real-time support for life! Simply log into Wendy's Trading Chat Room and join the fun. Everyone you've heard from today is a regular in Wendy's Trading Chat Room... and soon you will be too! Silhouettes of people using computers with the words Wendy's chatroom helps ITM members stay motivated - disciplined - confident and most of all successful

In his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill introduced the 'mastermind' principle... in which the universal secret to success is to surround yourself with like-minded people focused on a common goal. In other words: success is contagious! Wendy's Trading Chat Room may be the greatest success incubator on the planet... and you are about to become a lifetime member, for FREE!

When you say "Yes" to our risk-free ITM Charter Membership you have a full 90 days to make up your mind about whether ITM is really right for you. If you feel you'd rather cancel, simply return the ITM Guide book within 90 days and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every penny you paid to join us... along with my respect and appreciation because you dared to give it a try! 90 day satisfaction guarantee

After the first 90 days you may cancel your subscription to the ITM Newsletter at any time and receive a pro-rated refund for all remaining issues. But, YOU RETURN NOTHING.

The power-packed ITM Guide book will be yours to keep and profit from forever... And the same goes for Wendy's Trading Chat Room where you will always be welcome to seek exciting profit opportunities in the company of friends.

This Is Your Chance To Discover
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When you say "Yes" to an ITM Charter Membership YOU RISK NOTHING! If you are not thrilled with your profits, just cancel and return you ITM Guide Book within 90 days for a full, immediate, no questions asked refund!

Whatever doubts you may be having now will soon vanish... As you prove the incredible wealth-building power of the ITM system to yourself.

My ITM Newsletter will feed you the best-of-the-best proft opportunities days before other traders catch on.

And everyone in my Trading Chat Room... myself included... will make sure you get all the support you could possibly want.

Before long you'll see for yourself how well my ITM works and I think you'll agree the profit potential is phenomenal (as Katie says).

Thousands of men & women from all walks of life have already done what I'm asking you to do now.

They said "Yes" to a 90-day risk-free membership.

And as you have heard time and time again... they will be forever grateful.

Randy G

"Since I started I've seen the overall average percent gain is 105% per trade. So I signed up with Wendy for lifetime."

Randy G.,
Real Estate Developer in Los Angeles, CA

DeeGee J

"I don't have to work anymore. My husband and I just got back from six wonderful weeks in Europe."

DeeGee J.,
Microsoft Instructor in Chicago, IL

Mark K

"It is the best thing that's happened to me money-wise since I retired. It's like Wendy took her God-given intuition, that 6th sense that women seem to have, and she applied it to trading options. Then she laid everything out in such a way that it doesn't take intuition to do anymore. It's cut and dry. You, me, or anybody else can see what she sees plain as day."

Mark K.,
Retired Deputy Sheriff in Haleyville, AL

Now it's your turn. I wouldn't be making this kind of a 100% satisfaction guarantee if my ITM system didn't work...

So why not see for yourself 100% risk free?

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Wendy Kirkland's Signature

Wendy Kirkland

PS. Something you should know: according to a recent customer survey, not everyone experiences the kind of success expressed by the excited traders you met today...

But, 94% say they find my products helpful and half that traded do say they're making money!

Think about that for a minute... It's often said that 90% of all options traders lose money, yet 50% of the traders using my systems say they're making money... And frankly, I suspect the other 50% "Aren't really trying" as Jerry says.

So which 50% will you be? Say "Yes" today and let's find out. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Click Now!

PPS. You know potentially having a non-stop income you can count on is the only path there is to carefree prosperity & total peace of mind. So you have every reason to call now. And I can't think of a single reason not to... can you? Click Now!

PPPS. Don't forget, your membership to Wendy's Trading Chat Room is for life! Even if you decide to cancel your ITM Membership and get a full refund, you can still log in and trade right along with some of the finest traders you'll find anywhere... getting all the real-time help you could possibly need to succeed...

So I ask you...

If not this, then what?
If not now, then when?
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YES! I want a chance to enjoy instant trading success & non-stop potential income for life… After reading the incredible success stories of so many men & women from all walks of life… some of whom had no prior trading experience whatsoever… all I can say is COUNT ME IN! I understand I have a full 90 days to make up my mind about whether ITM is really right for me. And if I’m not satisfied for any reason I can simply return the ITM Guide and I’ll receive a full refund of every penny I paid to join.
Inevitable Trend Moves - Charter Membership
YES! I want a chance to enjoy instant trading success & non-stop potential income for life... After reading the incredible success stories of so many men & women from all walks of life... some of whom had no prior trading experience whatsoever... all I can say is COUNT ME IN!

I understand I have a full 90 days to make up my mind about whether ITM is really right for me. And if I'm not satisfied for any reason I can simply return the ITM Guide and I'll receive a full refund of every penny I paid to join. My membership includes: ITM Newsletter, ITM Members Only Strategy Guide and Wendy's Trading Chatroom
Wendy's Trading Chatroom
Real-time support for life! Success is contagious and I believe Wendy's Trading Chat Room is the greatest success incubator on the planet. I can't wait to Log in and begin seeking non-stop profits in the company of motivated, disciplined traders using all the same trading tools and following the same strategy as me!
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