Hits “Home Runs” In ANY Market with
Mathematical Precision And Carefree Ease

Dear Fellow Trader,

Are you ready to make some money and have fun doing it?

If so, let's see if you qualify to participate in what's considered the most phenomenal trading program on the planet…

“It’s been phenomenal. Starting with only $1,780 in the market I moved up to Bubba’s biggest portfolio in just a couple months.”

- Bruce S., Tonopah, NV

“In 25 years, Todd’s algorithm and hedging methods are the closest things to the Holy Grail I’ve ever come across. They’re just so phenomenal.”

- Mary Ann N., PhD, Palo Alto, CA

“I’m always taking money out. And still, at the end of last year I had a $25,000 portfolio and it went to $45,000. So, I’d say that’s pretty phenomenal.”

- John H., Marquette, WI

My name’s Todd “Bubba” Horwitz. And I’m happy to say, not only is In-It-To-Win-It phenomenal performance-wise, it requires very little capital and it’s super-simple to do…

So, like Lynda says (below), In-It-To-Win-It is a superior way for traders of every level to make their fortune in the stock market… if you qualify.

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz
The Man the Experts Call for Trading Advice

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz is what you call “Street Smart”.

When something screwy happens in any of the markets... stock, futures, options... Bubba is the first person media giants like Fox business happening, they call him then too.

Top fund managers with as much as $8-Billion under management go to Bubba for guidance in safeguarding their portfolios against downside risk.

And thousands of men & women schooled by Bubba enjoy security and peace of mind knowing even a modest IRA can produce a generous monthly income while continuing to grow risk-free forever.

Todd Horwitz grew up in Chicago listening to stories told by boastful floor traders. And he became intrigued. So, at the tender age of 21 he bought a CBOE membership and began his career trading in the Oil Pit... where the greatest action could be found back in the 1980s.

The initials BUB appeared on Todd's ID tag... and still do today. With his imposing stature, straight-talk and aggressive trading style, little wonder that BUB quickly evolved into Bubba. And the name stuck.

In 1988 Bubba played a prominent role as one of the original market makers for the S&P index. And it was there that he truly mastered his “always in the market”, IN-IT-TO-WIN-IT trading strategy.

Bubba had a great run as a floor trader... following trends from one exchange to another without a single losing year. But by 2004, with everything going electronic, business on the floor dried up. So he went home.

Trading at home left Bubba with lots of free time... which he quickly filled with media appearances, book deals, seminars, mentoring, and his own radio program: The Bubba Show.

But in recent years, Bubba has become increasingly fed-up over the way every day Americans are being cheated out of a carefree retirement. So he adapted his tried-and-true “Always in the Market” futures algorithm for options trading.

Providing foolproof, computer generated, word-for-word trade instructions... Bubba is making vast wealth and a truly “golden retirement” possible for men and women everywhere.

How about you? Do you qualify?

So, You Ask:
“If it’s perfect for everybody,
why can’t everybody qualify?”

Excellent question!

In the next few minutes I’ll explain in exciting detail why In-It-To-Win-It trading has surpassed all other wealth-building approaches, hands down.

And numerous traders, from all walks of life, will tell you about their own personal success following my In-It-To-Win-It trading programs.

Some of the folks you’ll hear from today are new to trading. Others have decades of experience.

Regardless, my unique In-It-To-Win-It methodology was new to them all.

You do NOT need any particular experience to qualify. But you do need one very specific character trait.

Some people are born with it…

Some people gain it through practice…

And some people learn it the hard way.
Whatever the case, In-It-To-Win-It success is not possible without it.

Lynda, a brilliant metallurgic engineer who has traveled the world as an oil consultant, was born with it...

“Most weeks we’re making $1,000
or $2,000, sometimes $500”

Lynda R., PhD, Metallurgic Engineer
Mountain Home, KS

“I got involved with Bubba’s hedging program to protect our retirement savings. And now I’m also into his synthetic stock portfolio.”

“I didn’t have much in the way of options experience before this.  But, Bubba is an excellent teacher. If you just do what Bubba says, you’re going to make money. And as you do it you’re going to learn more and get more confident.”

“With the portfolios you’re always in the market, either long or short. If the algorithm gets a signal Bubba sends you an email with instructions and you switch direction. It’s just that simple.”

“You might not do as well as you like on one equity. But another will do much better than you thought. As long as the net-net is positive that’s what matters. And it’s been very positive for me.”

“I can’t quote you specifics off the top of my head; but most weeks we’re making $1,000 or $2,000, sometimes $500. For me, that’s terrific.”

“And because the synthetic equities are so easy to understand and simple to execute, I think it’s a superior way for anybody, even beginners, to get into the market and make some money.”

Before we discuss which of Lynda’s innate character traits qualifies her to earn $500, $1,000 or $2,000 most weeks…

Let’s talk about what drew Lynda to In-It-To-Win-It in the first place.

Always Protected and
Always In the Market

Lynda first came to me looking for a way to safeguard her retirement savings without selling all her stocks… thereby cutting off any possibility of future growth.

It’s a dilemma most fund managers don’t even know what to do about. But, I do.

My In-It-To-Win-It Hedging program is the only way you can safely hang on to your stocks, protect against losses, avoid extra costs, and compound your portfolio. No wonder it’s so popular!

And now Lynda is having just as much fun with my In-It-To-Win-It options portfolios… where the power of leverage allows you to safely seek vast wealth starting with no more than $6,000. And it couldn’t be easier to do!

Greg H., Fulltime Trader
Ontario, Can.

“Bubba will teach you how to take care of yourself like no one else does, or even can.”

He’s a brilliant guy who knows everything about options.”

For example, we had a flash crash nobody saw coming. And, instead of losing money like most people, I made over $10,000 that day.”

Just ask veteran options trader Bruce S. from Tonopah, Nevada. He and his wife are both In-It-To-Win-It enthusiasts…

“Bubba has been a major game changer
for us and we are forever grateful”

Bruce S., Fulltime Trader
Tonoph, NV

“I’ve made a lot of money and I’ve lost a lot of money over the years. But Bubba has been a major game changer for us and we are forever grateful.”

“Starting with only $1,780 in the market I moved up to Bubba’s biggest portfolio in just a couple months. It’s been phenomenal.”

“My most exciting trade lately was ROKU. We got ROKU for about $31 a share and now it’s up over $100. We’ve done very well with a lot of stocks, and with the Qs and of course SPY. Goodness, I mean they’re all good. I love it!”

“Obviously, if you have 20 equities they’re not going to all go in your favor. But, to be honest, not a single position has ever been a total loss. If it turns against us, Bubba reverses the position and we ride the trend in the other direction - whether long or short.”

Trading is now my primary source of income and I love it.”

“My wife is doing it too. She doesn’t watch the market for fun like I do. She’s in it just to make sure her retirement account is invested and safely hedged; and only Todd can teach you how to do that.”

I’m not sure if Bruce and his wife had the requisite character trait before, but they sure do have it now!

We’ll talk more about what it takes to succeed later. But first I want to tell you about the origin of my In-It-To-Win-It Options Trading program… and how you can get into the game.

Here’s Your Chance To
Get Off The Sidelines
Into the Game!

When my options students heard about the incredible profits we were racking up in the futures arena… they wanted in!

Even though most of my options students had never traded futures before, many eagerly opened accounts.

And with my In-It-To-Win-It algorithm guiding them, they found it surprisingly easy to make boatloads of cash.

However, trading futures requires a larger account. And you can’t use your IRA without going through a 3rd-party custodian.

So, many of my students shied away from futures.

And that meant they were forced to sit on the sidelines… salivating over what looked to be the most exciting, carefree wealth-building opportunity on the planet… And they weren’t happy about it.

Requests came flooding in for a managed equity portfolio using the same algorithm as we use for trading futures.

Since all markets repeat the same four phases over and over again, I knew my tried-and-true In-It-To-Win-It algorithm would work equally well for stocks.

However, the instruments available to trade the stock market differ greatly from the futures market…

That’s why, even though it’s a widely accepted fact that time in the market is what counts most when amassing vast wealth, you never see always-in-the-market algorithms for stocks.

“I could trade without even knowing the name of the market”

Legendary Trader,
Richard Dennis

My In-It-To-Win-It altorithm works equally well for both Futures & Equities because all markets repeat the same 4 phases over & over again.

But options are so flexible; it didn’t take me long to come up with an easy solution.

Wait until you see how I used a simple floor-trader trick to mimic the way futures contracts allow you to stop & reverse on a dime… exploiting the power of leverage to earn tremendous profits whether the market is going up or down.

You won’t find strategies like this taught anywhere else, just ask Doug.

“I’ve made around $228,000 this past
year and I sleep like a baby”

Doug V., Retired Business Owner
Creswell, OR

I don’t think you’ll find Bubba’s strategies taught anywhere else. Not only does he teach you how to protect your portfolio, he shows you how to use “synthetic” stock positions to build a portfolio of real stocks almost out of thin air!”

“Even though the markets have never been scarier, I’ve made around $228,000 this past year and I sleep like a baby!”

“If you want my advice, start at the very beginning and do exactly step-by-step whatever Bubba says to do.”

“Don’t think you’re smarter than the system or the market... because, as Bubba says, the markets do not announce themselves. About the time you think you’re smarter than the market, you’re going to set yourself up for a huge loss.”

Doug’s right. Following a Synthetic Stock strategy revealed in my In-It-To-Win-It hedging course, you can create real stocks “out of thin air”.

And Synthetic Stocks also allow my Algorithmic In-It-To-Win-It option-trading program to mimic the stop & reverse agility of trading futures.

It’s a powerful tool used by floor-traders back in the day; but I’m the only one I know of who is making good use of it today. Let me tell you about it.

There’s A Lot To Love
About Synthetic Stocks

Technically, it takes two options to create a synthetic stock position that gives you the same earning power as 100 shares of stock. Yet it costs essentially zero dollars to put on...

But, we add a third option to limit risk and reduce margin. And still it only costs a few cents to enter.

Here’s what you can expect with your
In-It-To-Win-It Synthetic Stock Portfolio

Mark, a consultant in Alberta, Canada is trading both the futures & the equities portfolios. And he loves them both!

“In about 6 months my account
has just about doubled”

Mark C., Consultant
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I’ve been trading the futures portfolio for about 6 months and my account has just about doubled.”

“Through the years I’ve been able to get myself ahead. Then I’d take a big loss… get myself in a funk… and have to take some time off.”

“What I like about trading Bubba’s balanced portfolios is that you don’t get those big drawdowns. Even if one position goes against you, you’ve got 7 or 8 others that might not be stars; but they’re doing ok.”

“So it’s built my confidence up and now I’m trading the equities, which is really exciting.”

“I started with the 1a equity portfolio. But, I’m strictly doing the FAANGs now. And it can be pretty exciting.”

“Like Amazon is up about $10-grand, I think. Yesterday I rolled it up for a $5,600 credit. And this morning it was up $8k and it’s still going.”

“I’m not a gambler. So one thing I really like about Bubba’s way of trading is it’s all risk-controlled.”

Mark doesn’t think of himself as a gambler… and he doesn’t want to gamble with his hard-earned money. But that’s actually what subjective trading amounts to. No wonder he gets “in a funk”.

Imagine Mark’s relief to finally have crippling losses a thing of the past.

Mark learned it the hard way, but he’s definitely got it now!

So, what exactly is “IT”?

Do You Have The One Character Trait
Necessary To Qualify?

Lynda was born with it. Bruce gained it through practice. And Mark learned it the hard way.

How about you? Do you possess the one character trait necessary to qualify?

Do you have the discipline to faithfully follow In-It-To-Win-It signals?

Because the minute you think you’re smarter than the algorithm, you’re doomed.

“If you rely on your own judgment, during trading you may find that you are fearful just when you should be courageous, or courageous when you should be fearful.”

- Legendary Trader, Richard Dennis

As the name implies, In-It-To-Win-It is always in the market, either long or short.

So, as the market cycles through the inevitable four phases there will be brief drawdowns… it’s unavoidable.

But, if you give the algorithm a chance, it will quickly right itself.

The graph on your right shows weekly performance for the same Futures portfolio over the same 2-year period as the equity curve shown above.

Take a look at both illustrations. Can you guess why, although they both cover the same portfolio during the same 2 years, one shows drawdowns and the other doesn’t?

It’s because the second graph reflects the account balance at 6 month intervals. And that’s the ‘big picture’ view you should be taking.

Balanced portfolios and meticulous programming minimize drawdowns. But, minor drawdowns are part of trading. Live with it.

Because if you mess with it, I guarantee you’ll outsmart yourself!

“Bubba is the first one who knows what he’s talking about and tells it to you straight.”

Gary B., Retired Accountant
Zephyrhills, FL

“I’ve been trading for a long time and I thought I was pretty well versed on all the various instruments. But compared to what I’ve learned in the last 5 years following Bubba, I was a newbie!”

“Bubba has been on the floor at the CBOE, he was a market maker, he knows what he’s talking about. And some of the things I’ve learned from him nobody else has ever talked about.”

“I’m involved with him in more than just the managed equity portfolio. I’m also in his futures program and his hedging.”

“The things Bubba teaches, nobody’s ever taught. If I’d known about hedging 30 years ago I could have been 4 times as wealthy as I am today, I’m sure of that.”

“And the performance of his futures portfolio has been off the charts. I doubled my account in less than a year with his managed futures portfolio. So it’s been pretty amazing.”

“And trading the equities portfolio works the same way as the futures. Bubba runs the algorithm overnight and there’s an email waiting for you when you get up in the morning telling you exactly what to do, if anything. So it’s pretty simple.”

“Of course there’ve been draw-downs. That’s just part of trading. Anybody who tells you any different is lying. But if you just stay true to the algorithm it all balances out and you’re going to make money.”

“I’ve been with other people in the industry over the years and Bubba is the first one I’ve found who really knows what he’s talking about, number one. And number two, tells it to you straight.”

Gary’s right, I am partial to straight talk. So let me tell it to you straight...

Subjective trading always loses money… And anything that needs to be analyzed or interpreted is subjective. That’s why most traders aren’t very successful. I think you know that.

In-It-To-Win-It is the opposite of subjective trading.

In-It-To-Win-It is a rule-based mathematical algorithm that has always made money over time. It’s the best in the industry. And, if you’ve got what it takes to follow it faithfully, here’s what I’ll do for you...

Bubba’s Daily Market Update
Will Spoon Feed You
Trade Instructions

Every evening the In-It-To-Win-It algorithm evaluates all the equities in each of our portfolios.

If there’s a reversal or if it’s time to roll a trade up or down, I place the orders in my own personal account overnight.

Then, around 4 o’clock in the morning I’ll send you a screenshot of each order.

You enter the same orders as me… either before the market opens or sometime in the course of the day, whatever’s most convenient.

Don’t think about it. Don’t second-guess it. Just place the orders and go about your day. Your job is done.

Now doesn’t that sound easy?

Still, simple as it is to play “follow the leader”… entering each order exactly as I lay it out for you…

I think it’s important for you to understand what’s going on.

So I’m going to also send you my incomparable...

A Realistic Way For You
To Amass Vast Wealth

This 2-part course is down-to-earth, fast-paced, and reveals exciting wealth-building secrets you won’t find anywhere else. That’s a promise!

In-It-To-Win-It Synthetic Stock Management - Invest just a few bucks and earn dollar-for-dollar profits the same as you would owning a large stock portfolio. And, unlike stock holders, you won’t care about direction. My In-It-To-Win-It algorithm keeps you in the market and puts you in the right direction so you never miss a big move, either up or down. Here’s your chance to enjoy the thrill of fast profits with the peace of mind that comes from low-risk algorithmic trading.

How to Hedge & Stay in the Game to Grow Vast Wealth - Continue holding all your stocks risk-free through every market turn… maintain your account value while adding additional shares at every dip… compound profits when the market rallies… And amass vast wealth at record speed.

Even professional traders don’t know the powerful wealth-building techniques revealed in my In-It-To-Win-It 2-part course. This is your edge!

“Todd’s algorithm & hedging methods
are the closest thing to the Holy Grail
I’ve come across”

Mary Ann N., Psychologist
Palo Alto, CA

“I’ve traded options for 25 years and I know several people who make their living trading options. But none of them know any of the strategies Todd uses. They seem to be a best kept secret.

Everything Todd does is just so amazing. I started with his Hedging classes and the Saturday Call. And both of those are just so phenomenal I wanted to try his algorithmic portfolio.”

“I started with the little portfolio which controls about $60,000 worth of stock with margins around $2,000 - So the leverage is just tremendous. He recommends three times margin to trade any of his portfolios, $6,000 in this instance, which is still huge leverage.”

“Once I saw how well the algorithm worked and how easy it is, I moved to the bigger one. And then he just came out a few weeks ago with a FAANG portfolio that I started on Monday and I already rolled Amazon for a couple thousand bucks in one day!

“It cost me $780 to get into Amazon and the next morning I rolled it up for a $2,640 credit. So that $1,860 profit was locked in even if Amazon were to suddenly turn south.”

“I know there will be downdrafts in these positions; but Todd’s algorithm gives us an edge which I think will be very profitable over time.”

“In 25 years, Todd’s algorithm and hedging methods are the closest things to the Holy Grail I've ever come across. He is the real deal!”

Mary Ann finds following my In-It-To-Win-It algorithm super easy to do. And I believe you will too.

Plus you‟ll enjoy periodic live training sessions to keep you focused, motivated, and in touch with current market conditions…

Live Training and
Members Chat-Room

Keep You On-Track

At least once a month… and sometimes more often, depending on what's happening in the market…

I'll hold a live training session focused on current market conditions.

More than just a lecture, you can submit your questions and I'll answer them all… and you'll hear questions & answers from your fellow students too.

And, in case you miss the live session, you'll also receive a link to the recording.

Plus, for ongoing support & motivation, you can log into the members chat-room anytime you like… You'll never trade alone again!

“I’ve been trading options for 20 years, but I think even a new guy should do very well”

Joe B., 20-year Veteran Trader
Plymouth, MA

“I’ve been trading options for about 20 years. But, I think even a new guy should do very well because of the way Bubba teaches… especially with his new chat room where all of us can benefit from the information, and the questions & answers that are posted.”

“I feel like Bubba has really developed a trading community. The way he conducts the workshops, the camaraderie, the support, the patience, the caring… he really tries to bring everybody along and teach everybody, even though he’s dealing with all levels of understanding.

“And Bubba’s new synthetic stock portfolios are just so simple. It’s basically robo-investing and I like it lot for three reasons… profit potential, you don’t have to sit in front of a computer all day, and it helps you with the two hardest things to master in trading, patience and emotions.

“It’s a whole lot easier to be a successful trader when all you have to do is trust the algorithm!”

Joe's right, between the phenomenal In-It-To-Win-It algorithm and all the ongoing support you‟re going to get, your success is all but guaranteed.

But, if you've never traded options before and you'd like a little help getting up to speed… Here it is! Click Here to learn more.

Welcome To The Exciting
World of Options

If this is your first experience with the most powerful investment tool on the planet… no worries.

Welcome To The Exciting World of Options will have you up to speed in about 30 minutes!

First I’ll explain what an Option is… what Calls & Puts are… and what your rights & obligations are when you trade options.

Then we’ll walk through a couple basic strategies and I’ll show you how to place various types of orders.

In less time than it takes to watch the evening news, this power-packed video will have you well-grounded and ready to seek your In-It-To-Win-It fortune!

And, as an extra bonus, you’ll also receive…

Bubba’s Secret To Pocketing
The Most Cash Possible When

Your Options Expire

Traders of every level will benefit from this eye-opening exposé on “option parity”, why getting “assigned” can be a good thing, and why you should never “exercise” early.

And most important of all, learn why “Net Liquidation Value” is the ONLY number you should ever look at.

What you learn about pocketing the most cash possible at options expiration will give you a whole new perspective on trading. Don’t miss it.

Click Here Today!

And with that, we’re ready to start making some money!

“Being positioned with the right trade at
the right time is a thing of beauty”

Dennis P., Retired Telecom Exec
Colorado Springs, CO

“A good friend put me onto Bubba to help me identify and hit on my trading demons. Bubba’s the real deal.”

“With Bubba’s trading methods I can honestly say I trade relaxed. I’m no longer saddled by fear; seriously, I don’t need to be. Being positioned with the right trade at the right time is a thing of beauty.”

Options are an amazing thing. And now Bubba has given me a context to trade them the right way… There have been very profitable home runs, drawdowns have been minor, and trade management has been a breeze.”

“Just do exactly as Bubba says to do. What could be easier?”

What could be easier, indeed!

And now the moment of truth… do you think you qualify?

If You Choose to Enroll for 2 Years
I Will Give You An Entire

1 Year Subscript For FREE

At least a dozen traders have told you In-It-To-Win-It is an entirely different way to trade… and unlike anything you have tried before.

And those same traders… most of whom have decades of prior options trading experience…

Insist the power of my In-It-To-Win-It algorithm is the easiest & surest way for you to profit year-after-year… which is how you build vast wealth.

Still, some people need to ‘paper-trade’ their way through a few market cycles before they can completely trust the algorithm…

I understand.

If you weren’t born with the discipline required, you’ll have to gain “It” through either practice or trial & error.

Either way, I’d prefer you do it on paper before you put your hard-earned money into the game.

So, I’m going to give you an entire year to discover for yourself the joy of emotion-free, decision-free, carefree In-It-To-Win-It Algorithmic Trading… with proven success in actual trading.

Click Here Now!

“This last roll we made about $6,000 on 10 synthetic stocks in just 2 weeks”

Barry Y., Retired Lawyer
Alberta, Canada

“Bubba’s the best I’ve seen in 12 years of options trading. The way his algorithms put you on the winning side is truly spectacular.”

If the trend is up, you’re going to get it. And if the trend is down you’re going to get it. And if it’s just going sideways it’s not going to hurt you. Because the way he’s got it structured you’re not suffering time-decay.”

“This last roll we made about $6,000 on 10 synthetic stocks in just 2 weeks. So it’s been very, very good.”

“And the portfolio is diversified. So, even though we’ve been long Nvidia and it just got killed, the portfolio is up $431. So that’s the way it works.”

“Even if everything went down, like in 2008, your risk is strictly limited. So you can’t possibly get hurt too bad. And then you’ll just turn around and make a fortune on the flip side...”

“Like the futures portfolio did when the algorithm reversed on the Nasdaq this past January and locked in more than $30,000 in profits.”

Barry knows In-It-To-Win-It Algorithmic portfolio management is the most intelligent, carefree way to grow your account…

Barry gets it. Therefore Barry has been wildly successful.

Now let’s talk about you.

Experience For Yourself
How Every Drawdown Is

Is Quickly Followed By A New Higher High!

Even if you weren’t born with the discipline to follow my In-It-To-Win-It rule-based algorithm to the letter…

It’s still possible for you to qualify for In-It-To-Win-It success in a matter of days by simply watching the course videos and a few recorded training sessions.

But some people have to learn the wisdom of disciplined trading the hard way. I understand that. And I don’t want you to feel rushed.

 Which is why, if you say “Yes” today, I’m going to give you immediate access to your full In-It-To-Win-It Training Package… immediate access to recorded past training sessions… immediate chat-room log-in instructions…

And Bubba’s Daily Market Update, with specific trade instructions, will be delivered to your inbox every morning around 4am, starting immediately.

The only thing that won’t start immediately is the clock!

If you say “Yes” today, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before…

Say “Yes” now and I’ll give you a full 12 months to paper-trade before I start the clock on your subscription!

Witness firsthand the wealth-building power of disciplined algorithmic trading before you put a single penny of real money into the market.

Once you’ve seen for yourself how every drawdown is followed by a new higher-high, you’ll be eager to turn those paper-profits into hard-cold-cash.

So you’ll be glad you don’t have to wait an entire year before trading with real money. The minute you feel ready to trust the system, jump right in!

All totaled, you’ll have 2 full years to profit from In-It-To-Win-It Algorithmic Options trading… but you’ll only pay for 1.

Click Here to Order Now!

And, as Dean will tell you, In-It-To-Win-It could easily pay for itself in no time!

“It’s so simple and it takes so little time to do; and it can pay for itself in no time!”

Dean S., Insurance Agency Owner
Northern Minnesota

“Bubba’s methods are a lot less stressful and that helps me make more money.”

“People don’t realize it can be almost as nerve wracking to have a winner as a loser. Because when you have a winner you want to take the gain and protect it.”

“I can’t tell you how many times in the past I’ve done that where you make a little bit of money and leave so much more on the table from panicking.”

“Either up or down, Bubba’s methods just make me relaxed about what to do and when to do it.”

“For example, I got into SQ yesterday and it jumped in price overnight. So back in the day, I would have sold it by now. But instead, today I rolled it up to the next strike. And that wasn’t the first time I rolled it. My initial investment was $110 and so far I have a $502 profit per contract and I’m still in the trade.”

“Those algorithms just work. Whatever Bubba built into them is just awesome. It’s so simple and it takes so little time to do. And it can pay for itself in no time. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

“This trading account pays for my toys… my ATV, my Porsche 911, my boat… I have lots of toys and this is how I pay for them.”

Win or lose, decision-making is stressful for everyone. That’s why, like Dean says… trusting the algorithm is much more relaxed and profitable.

Dean’s new-found success allowed him to buy extravagant toys he might not otherwise afford. I’d say that’s pretty life-changing… wouldn’t you?

And what do you suppose you’ll do with your profits?

What Will A Steadily Growing
Nest-Egg Mean To You And Your Family?

I think you’ll find the profits from your In-It-To-Win-It synthetic stocks mount up surprisingly fast.

And money is for spending. So you’ll probably find yourself splurging on things like fancy cars, dream vacations, a new home (or freshen up the old one), and maybe help the kids pay off student loans or buy a house.

But, you’ll also want to invest some of your profits into a long-term stock portfolio. And hedge it… which numerous traders have talked about… and you’ll learn how to do from your In-It-To-Win-It Hedging course.

Bruce S, who you heard from above, sent me this screen-shot of his wife’s IRA.

On January 10th she bought 100 shares each of 7 stocks… total $26,382.

And following my In-It-To-Win-It hedging strategy, she added additional shares… for free… every time a stock dipped 2%-3% in price.

Now, just 7 months later, instead of 700 shares of stock she has a total of 872 shares…

Net value: $45,894… 74% equity growth in 7 months totally risk free.

Suddenly, vast wealth no longer seems like a pipe dream!

And most important of all… In-It-To-Win-It trading is a lot of fun!

“I do it as much for the fun;
because it is a lot of fun”

John H., Retired Aircraft Refurbisher
Mariquette, WI

“Trading generates income to pay for all the extra stuff. But really, I do it as much for the fun; because it is a lot of fun.”

“I’ve been with Bubba at least 7 years. I’m in everything he’s got… There’s no comparison between Bubba and anybody else I’ve been with. It’s all really amazing.” 

“I was one of his beta testers for the synthetic stock portfolio. So I’ve been in it a little longer than the official start. And it’s just a wonderful method. Basically, if you just stick with Bubba’s rules you’re going to make money.”

“I can’t really say how much I’m making, because I’m always taking money out. But I do know that at the end of last year I had a $25,000 portfolio and it went to $45,000. So, I’d say that’s pretty phenomenal.”

“Bubba’s algorithm portfolios are so straightforward and take so little time, if you’ve never traded before; it’s an excellent way to start.”

There you have it… In-It-To-Win-It is an excellent way for traders of every level to start making serious money. So let’s get you started!

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Best Wishes,

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz

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“We subscribe to everything Bubba has, both futures and options. We also went to his live seminar in Vegas last year and we’re going again this year. Mind you, we live in Switzerland. But, his software, his coaching, his trade alerts, they all pay for themselves many times over. Bubba is actually paying himself with the success he has brought us.”

- Werner & Melanie, Fulltime Traders in Switzerland


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you will be entitled to a refund of all money paid today.

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