Now's Your Chance to
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Guarantee A Profit on Your Trade!

"I've been averaging over $29,900 a month over a four year period. I have my tax returns to prove it!"

— Dan J., Naples, FL

"I'm getting 203% annual cash payouts using Chuck's approach. And for me that's income in excess of $150,000 per year while risking only a small portion of my capital."

— Craig F., Clovis, CA

"In about 7 months the account went from $100,000 to $200,000... then it hit $260,000! I mean, it's just kind of incredible... Really!"

— Dr. Ted W., IN

"I started with $16,300 and now my account has grown to more than $62,000. Thanks to you Chuck, I'm on my way!"

— Anne, NJ

"After 22 years I've seen lots of programs come and go. And I truly, honestly believe that Hughes is the best out there, bar none. His methods are very simple. And they work. Even a brand new trader should do well."

— Eric G., Wausau, WI

"I started with Chuck about a year ago and I'm averaging over $10,000 per month."

— Rod W., GA

Hello, this is Chuck Hughes.

If you've always wanted to make an extra $1,300 to $5,200 a day trading options, then please pay attention.

What I am about to show you could change your life forever.

I've prepared a brand-new special report that reveals the simple trading secret I've used to...

Collect $7,485,348.68 in actual cash payouts over a recent five year period...

Generate $1,244,575.20 in live trading profits during the 2000-2002 "tech wreck," when the S&P 500 plummeted from 1500 to 800... and...

Produce $1,756,533.72 in ACTUAL trade profits — with 18 winning trades and no losing trades resulting in 100% accuracy.

Post an average return per trade of 223.5%.

Now, I'm not telling you all this to brag.

I just want you to know that almost ANYONE can potentially make regular, consistent profits trading options...

IF they learn a few little known secrets.

Here's what just some of my
beginning students have to say...

Daniel, FL: "So far, I've raked in over $1.43 MILLION and I'm still going strong."

Anne, NJ: "$35,225 in the past 5 weeks and I'm a beginner."

Bill K.: "There is no question you can earn significantly more than the way most people trade. I am thrilled. This is fantastic."

Helen M., CA: "Once I started using your strategies — boy, did my life change. It has been amazing!"

Rod W.: "I started with Chuck about a year ago and I'm averaging over $10,000 per month."

The trading secret I am about to show you in this presentation potentially transforms option investing...

...from one of the highest risk investments to... of the lowest risk investments.

That's right: Despite what you may have heard, trading options can actually be LESS risky than many other types of investing... IF you do it the right way.

What's more, the amazingly powerful strategy I am about to show you is not complicated and could be taught to a typical high school student.

The strategy can be used at most online brokerages. It's like buying and selling a stock online.

No Experience Needed!
And You Can Get Started with Very Little Money

I have a small retirement trading account which has a portfolio of 12 option trades with a total cost of only $1,715 to purchase one contract of these options.

Even the commissions are low: the brokerages we use only charge $6 to $8 per trade.

What I particularly like about the option trading secret I will show you is that you don't have to monitor the markets constantly... or even set protective stops.

It's literally set it and forget it.

Actual Open Trade Profit Results
Net Profits after Commissions:

Number of Winning Trades.... 18
Number of Losing Trades....... 0
% Winners.............................. 100%
Average Profit Per Contract... $2,531.03
(Includes both Winners and Losers)

The other thing that's nice about this trading secret is that the option trades can often be set up to be profitable no matter what happens with the underlying stock or ETF.

What's more, if the market as a whole crashes — the way it did in 2008-2009 — your profits can go from sensational to... almost unbelievable.

As incredible as it sounds, the lower the market falls, the more money you can potentially make!

That's good news because many economists are predicting a very bumpy road ahead for the global economy.

That may or may not be true. I remain an agnostic about most macroeconomic questions. I simply follow the money... and then act accordingly.

A Simple Concept That A
High School Student Could Understand

Most option trading strategies, such as those based on the Black-Scholes Pricing Model, are extremely complicated.

You have to almost have a Ph.D. in mathematics to be able to do the calculations they require.

But fortunately, the "trick" I will show you is nothing like that.

Even though the concept is simple, this option trading secret can work better than almost all of the complicated option strategies out there.

In a moment, I'm going to show you precisely how this trading secret works.

Many of my students and I have earned huge profits without taking big risks... and often we take no risk at all.

We risk as little as $300 per contract... but our average trading profits range between $1,200 and $5,200 trading multiple contracts.

What's more, if you go through this entire message, I'm going to offer you an opportunity to learn my other proven option trading secrets — at zero risk.

Before I tell you about the option trading trick, however, let me tell you...

I Truly Believe You Could Make
Profits like These as Well!

I was an airline pilot most of my career. I studied trading on my days off but never really did much with it.

But then one day, I was suddenly struck with a severe case of vertigo... a medical condition in which you lose all sense of balance.

Needless to say, my airline career was over in a heartbeat.

I was suddenly grounded — and, worse than that, out of a job.

I had no choice. I was forced to take action with my trading.

I started option trading in 1984 with a $4,600 trading account.

The first year, I brought in $69,030 in actual cash profits.

The year after that, I made $391,134 in profits.

In just 2 years, I had $460,164 in actual profits.

It was more money than I earned in the previous SIX years as an airline pilot.

Click Here to learn more about the Multi-Millionaire Trader Chuck Hughes.

You can see copies of the tax returns for those years below.

As you can see, I made $460,164.00
as a total beginner...

The Option Trading Secret That Changed My Life

Well, I stumbled upon a very simple but highly accurate method for determining whether a given stock or ETF is likely to go UP in the coming weeks... or likely to go DOWN.

Instead of using complicated mathematical formulas, I used a very simple trend-following system to determine whether a stock or ETF is more likely to go up or down in price.

I've refined this method over the years, but in essence it's the same. Here's the secret right now:

I correlate what is called the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of a stock in relation to its 100-Day Exponential Moving Average.

It used to be more difficult to calculate this indicator by hand... but now this is available free on the Internet.

This one trading secret has made me literally MILLIONS of dollars...

In addition, I have two simple rules:

RULE #1: When a stock is on an EMA "buy" signal, I buy "call" options on that stock.

RULE #2: If a stock is on an EMA "sell" signal, I buy "put" options.

That's it. Not very complicated.

However, I have refined this to include one more rule.

RULE #3: When you're making money with a call option, buy a put option that in most cases can lock in your profits no matter what happens.

That's all there is to it. Let me give you an example in the real world...

CIGNA Market Neutral Spread

The technical name for this strategy is a "Market Neutral Spread." It means you can potentially make money whether the underlying stock goes up or down.

Here's an example of how it works:

Our simple trend-following method revealed that the stock CIGNA (symbol CI) was on a trend following "buy" signal.

As a result, we purchased the CI 70-Strike call option for 1.885 points or $188.50.

"Buy 2 Cigna Sep 70-Strike call options @ 1.885"

As we expected, CIGNA stock moved up in price after our call purchase so we then had a profitable trade.

But then we faced the dilemma:

Do we hold on to a winning call option trade for further upside profit potential or do we take profits in case CIGNA stock declines in price with the possibility of a profitable option trade turning into a loss?

We chose the third option, our Rule #3:

We purchased a CIGNA put option that allowed us to lock in profits for our call option trade no matter what happened.

We "legged in" to a Market Neutral Spread by purchasing the CI 77.5-Strike put option.

Our online brokerage account report below shows that we purchased the CI 77.5-Strike put option for 1.615 points or $161.50.

Here's what all this looked like:

Buy 2 Cigna Sep 70-Strike call options @ 1.885
Buy 2 Cigna Sep 77.5-Strike put options @ 1.615

We call this type of trade a "Market Neutral Spread" because it's possible to make money whether the stock goes up or down.

Before we take a trade, we use a special online calculator (available to members of our trading service) to determine what our potential profits will be depending on how much the stock rises or falls in price.

In this case, if the CIGNA stock rises 20% in value, then this trade would make us $1,975 — or 575% profit!

And what if the stock falls in value?

In that case, we still make money. If the stock falls 20% in value, we make $1,182 (or 337% gain).

It's literally win-win!

If the stock market crashes and the stock wipes out, we STILL MAKE MONEY!

If the stock went to zero, we'd make $7,400 on this trade alone!

I've Been Making Money Like This for 30 Years —
And I Want To Show You How This Is Possible

As I said: trading like this is often "can't lose" guaranteed profits!

To prove just how profitable option trading can be with this approach, I began competing in trading championships.

I won not once but nineTEN times, beating out some of the most famous stock pickers and traders in the world.

What's more, no one else has won 910 times in those trading championships. Not even close.

I still make money regularly using this method, and I don't use any complicated formulas or calculations at all.

This little known secret made all the difference. I still generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on average in actual cash profits.

Take a look at the brokerage statement below.

As you can see, this is just for a single trading account.

Yet this one account has $1,356,052.06 in profits outstanding.

A second account has $400,481.66 in cash profits.

Trading Account #1 $1,356,052.06 Profit

Trading Account #2 $400,481.66 Profit

And let me emphasize one thing:

These are NOT "hypothetical" profits.

These are NOT profits I "could" have made or "potentially" made.

These are the weasel words you hear all over the Internet.

You and I both know that anyone can create a trading system, tweak the data, and come up with a "back tested" trading system that doesn't work in the real world.

Instead, what I am showing you are the real-money profits generated by my option strategies.

In a moment, I'll show you what some of my students have done as well.

My students demonstrate that it is possible to make consistent profits trading... once you know the few little known tricks that I'll show you.

Ordinary People Are
Thousands of Extra Dollars

I've taught my options trading techniques to literally thousands of people - most of whom knew little or nothing about trading options before they got started.

Many are using my techniques to generate enormous profits without taking big risks.

Here's what a few of them say...

Dan J.,FL: "Averaging over $29,000 a month in profits for four years."

Dr. Ted W.: "In about 7 months the account went from $100,000 to $200,000... then it hit $260,000! I mean, it's just kind of incredible... Really!"

Craig F.: "I'm getting 203% annual cash payouts using Chuck's approach. And for me that's income in excess of $150,000 per year while risking only a small portion of my capital."

Gilles K., FL: "I know I can use the knowledge in the future to make a good steady income."

Marie: "Your teaching methods of creating wealth step-by-step, were easy to follow, a breeze to learn and even easier to put into practice."

I've found that just about anybody can learn my option trading strategies once I show them the basics.

And that's why I would like to send you a copy of my amazing guide, Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners.

This is a valuable "refresher" course for options veterans... and an essential guide if you are new to options trading.

This guidebook is short and basic... teaching you only what you need to know about options and none of the complicated theories you don't need.

It gives you the practical, real-world knowledge required in order to potentially profit from options.

You don't need to know complicated math or formulas like you have probably been led to believe.

You just need to know the basic mechanics of buying and selling options.

And this guide breaks options trading down to the bare essentials you need. It even includes 40 pages of actual market proof!

You'll Discover...

> The High Accuracy Strategy For Trading (p. 3)...

> The 3 Simple Steps For Entry (p. 7)...

> Finding The Secret Hidden In Every Stock (p. 9)...

> Determining Buying Pressure and Selling Pressure (p. 14)...

> Huge Profits In Down Markets (p. 24)...

> Pinpointing Price Counts (p. 28)...

> Highest Probability Trades (p. 35)...

> Selecting The Option Strike Price (p. 48)...

> The #1 Rule Of Trading (p. 61)...

> The Critical 30% Rule (p. 64)...

> The Can't Lose Trade — 120% Guaranteed Minimum Profit (p. 68)...

> The Secret To Reduce Risk (p. 74)...

> And lots, lots MORE!

You Get All This for Just the
Cost of Printing & Shipping!

This privately printed, authoritative guide would normally cost $199 or more.

But I am going to send it to you just for the price of printing and shipping — just $39.

Along with it, I'm also going to give you a one-month FREE subscription to our Hughes Optioneering Weekly Workshop newsletter.

The Hughes Optioneering® Team gives trading ideas for current market opportunities through the Hughes Optioneering Weekly Workshop newsletter.

This newsletter reviews the option strategies that are working well for the current market conditions and helps you see these strategies in action.

Each trade is broken down so you can see and understand exactly WHY each option trading idea was chosen.

The whole purpose of this weekly newsletter is to "solidify" your education and build your confidence in the Optioneering Trading Strategies you'll discover.

And you get all this FREE for a full month...

...simply for ordering your copy of Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners for $39. If you wish to continue, you will be billed automatically for $39 each month. You may cancel at any time.

And That's Not All! Get These
Three Bonus Guides as Free Gifts!

To make your decision even easier, I've also decided to include not one but THREE bonus guides to option trading... yours FREE.

This valuable bonus report teaches you all the crucial points you'll need to understand option trading. You'll learn how to make options trades online following just a few basic rules. In this bonus report, you'll discover:

> How to take advantage of the "option" in option contracts (p. 13)...

> The essential terms you need to understand to trade options (p. 14)...

> Finding opportunities with greater profit potential (p. 26)...

> The key to profits (p. 39)...

> and lots MORE!

I doubled my $85k, passing $170k in 6 months... Then doubled it again, passing $340k in the next 3 months!

"I've had 100% winners from Chuck. And my account keeps growing like crazy. I'm so excited, I sing his praises everywhere I go."

"I've been trading options for 2 decades, so I have lots of costly education and experience. But until I found Chuck I wasn't making money. Too many failures kept eating up a few spectacular winners, always ending in total wipeout (and marital discord)."

"Over 2 years ago I opened a brokerage IRA, funded by our $104K retirement fund, which turned into $85K in 18 months! I was desperate."

"Reading an email about Chuck Hughes' story touched me. Once I decided to sign up, I doubled my $85,000 IRA, passing $170,000 in 6 months and 2 days."

"Then I doubled it again, passing $340k in the next 3 months, adding more to our retirement account during that quarter than the total of our whole year's salary! And it keeps on piling up! With only 1 additional deposit of $18K, we were over $422K in 9 months."

"It's so simple anyone could learn to be successful in under 15 minutes. Spending a few seconds (literally) per position once a week would be sufficient."

"I know I don't have to, but I spend a lot more time than that, instead of playing my favorite iphone games. Reality is far more thrilling (especially when winning)."

"Loretta & I have 3 kids and 10 grandchildren. And for the longest time I've dreamt of leaving each one an inheritance as seed for building wealth, or for college, or a house, or whatever their little hearts desire. Now, we can set up a separate account to be divided between everybody at some point in the future. It's the right thing to do and it feels really good to do the right thing."

"With eternal, and inexpressible gratitude to Chuck and his team."

— George C., Customs & Border Patrol, NYC

In this special bonus report, you'll discover a solid, low risk investing program that has made me $4,569,797.98 in actual documented profits. Making money does not need to be complicated. See for yourself how to potentially achieve large and consistent profits! I tell you about... The best trading opportunity that led to my investment success — and why you don't need a lot of money to get started...

> How I treated option trading like a part-time business for larger profits
(p. 4)...

> My secret Wealth Building Formula and why it could work for you (p. 5)...

> Impressive Results from tested systems (p. 15)...

> and lots MORE!

This little-known program that takes little time to implement has worked like this for over 10 years with staggering cash payouts. Time after time after time, Chuck has piled up steady, cash payouts. In this third bonus report, you'll discover...

> The "secret" strategy that lets you steadily create option income (p. 3)...

> How to survive economic apocalypse and potentially make big profits (p. 10)...

> The 4 types of income trades that are limited risk (p. 16)...

> The Strategy to multiply profits (p. 19)...

> and lots, lots MORE!

The Optioneering Strategies
Produced Over $60,000 Per Month
Live Trading Profits

The Hughes Optioneering Strategies produced $811,670.09 in live trading profits over the past year which averages out to over $60,000 a month in profits.

What's more, the strategies produced $4,588,564.61 in live trading profits over the past 5 years.

In a recent customer survey, we found that nearly three out of four customers that traded this made money. Only 4% said they did not learn anything new and useful. See full survey results at

And I do NOT want you to miss out on this awesome profit opportunity.

As a result, I've created what I consider
to be a truly "no brainer" offer:

100% Money Back Guarantee:
Try Out My Options Trading Secret

I'm so convinced that you'll be delighted with your copy of Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners and your free trial subscription to my Hughes Optioneering Weekly Workshop newsletter, I'm prepared to offer you the strongest money-back guarantee possible.

Send for your copy of Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners and try out our Hughes Optioneering Weekly Workshop newsletter with no risk or obligation.

Bottom line: If the prospect of making $1,300 to $5,200 per option trade while taking practically no risk is the least bit intriguing to you...

...if the opportunity to generate thousands
of dollars each month in extra income is important to you...

...then send for your copy of Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners right away.

You'll Be Astonished at How Much
Money You're Making... or You Pay NOTHING!

As I see it, you have 3 options:

#1 You can forget you ever read this message, and tell yourself that trading profits of $1,200 to $5,200 per trade are "impossible"...

#2 You can keep going from website to website, reading articles and books about trading to see if there's some magic system that you haven't heard about yet. (Not much better than your first option.)

#3 Or you can get a copy of Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners right now, and learn from a 910-time trading championship winner what "really works" when it comes to trading options.

Frankly, #3 is your best option.

That's because there's no risk involved whatsoever.

Not only do you get ALL the details on my option trading strategies... you get FREE access for one full month to my personal trading ideas. Plus, you get 3 fantastic bonuses... FREE.

If you're looking for a realistic, proven way to potentially grow a small amount of money into a sizable fortune, then I can honestly say Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners is your best bet.

Not only have I personally done the things I believe you can do — for example, I started with a small $4,600 trading account and made $460,000 my first two years of trading — but I've helped many other investors succeed at trading options.

The Hughes Optioneering® Team has taught thousands of people from all walks of life and backgrounds with no investing experience to trade the Optioneering™ strategies. Since 1999 our trading service has produced over $11.8 million in live trading profits with no losing years giving our members an opportunity to profit year after year.

So don't wait another minute.

So you risk nothing to learn the secret that can often guarantee option profits.

Click Here right now and have your copy shipped today!

Order Now for Just $39 with 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Try It Risk-Free for 60 Days!


Chuck Hughes

P.S. I believe this is the most exciting, revolutionary new trading strategy you've ever seen. The basic approach alone is worth thousands of dollars. And once you've seen the Optioneering® Market Neutral strategy in action, you'll never want to trade again without it!

P.P.S. Order Here Now and get your copy of Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners — and get started learning how to trade options the right way.

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Please rush me “Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners”. I’ll learn highly accurate, low-risk strategies and the fundamental secrets of successful trading. I’ll also learn the Market Neutral principles, which often provide no-risk, can’t lose trades. Absolutely guaranteed or I’ll receive an immediate refund.
Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners
Please rush me "Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners". I'll learn highly accurate, low-risk strategies and the fundamental secrets of successful trading. I'll also learn the Market Neutral principles, which often provide no-risk, can't lose trades. Absolutely guaranteed or I'll receive an immediate refund.

If you wish to continue, you will be billed automatically for $39 each month. You may cancel at any time.
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