Golden ERA System & ERA Alert Service

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"The Golden ERA System"
(E.arly R.etirement A.cceleration)

“The Golden ERA System” is absolutely guaranteed to work for you, or you get your money back.

It truly uncovers safe, money-making opportunities that have the odds stacked in your favor. And it all starts with knowing how to trade what’s called an “ERA Collar Trade”.

What’s an “ERA Collar Trade”? Put simply, an ERA collar trade is what happens when you “go long” on some stock, but then you also “go long” on some puts — and then you “go short” calls.

That’s a basic ERA collar trade, in a nutshell. Most traders use them wrong. But done my way, the results are nothing short of amazing.

7 Reasons Why the ERA Dynamic Collar Trade Should Be
Your “Go-To” Money-Making Strategy of Choice

Let me tell you seven of the major advantages you have as a trader who trades the “ERA Dynamic Collar Trade” the way I do them:

1) There’s NO MORE Wasting Time Digging Around for the “Next Great Stock”. The truth is, once you understand it – the stocks practically pick themselves. This means you don’t have to waste your time looking and digging for “qualified” candidates – which is really nice!

You end-up spending way less time trading . . . as little as 30-minutes per week. It’s really up to you.

2) It Works Even If You Have a Small Account — even though most of the stocks I trade are some of the strongest, biggest stocks out there — you can still take advantage of this strategy with a small account once you learn to do it the ERA way. And get this: there are no hidden or excessive margin requirements . . . making it “ideal” for small account owners.

3) There’s a Built-In Way to Automatically DOUBLE Your Return with the Very SAME Risk

4) The Trade is “Mapped Out” Well in Advance . . . so this gets YOU (your whims, your thoughts, habits, inclinations, and intuitions) OUT of the way — and OUT of the trading equation as much as possible! Just let time pass . . . and you’ll make money.

5) You’ll Sleep Like a Baby at Night Because of the “Built-In”, Iron-Clad Protection from any “out of the blue” news or sudden market swings.

6) NO MORE Being Glued to a Computer Screen. You get all these advantages — and yet, you never have to say “no” to golfing with your buddies, or going to lunch with your granddaughter or sweetheart.

Here’s Where the SERIOUS MONEY
Gets Made the Golden ERA Way . .

The truth is . . .

The REAL PROFIT in Using the ERA Dynamic Collar comes in learning how to adjust the trade.

That involves learning and mastering doing 4 different things that I do:

1. “Rolling” Your Short Calls,
2. “Selling to Close” Long Put Option Contracts – and Then . . .
3. Using That Money to “Cost Average” In to More Stock Shares, & Then . . .
4. Turning Those Long Put Contracts Into “Put Calendar Spread Trades” . . . Which, ultimately . . .

By Using All These Adjustments “In Concert” Following My Golden ERA System for Trading Collars You’ll Start to See the Massive Potential ERA Trades Give You to... Make Maximum Money with Minimal Risk.

The “Golden ERA System" Component 1:

First there are the “Essential ERA Dynamic Collar” training lessons. You’ll want to go through all these lessons… as the “Essential ERA Dynamic Collar” is the foundation of almost all the trading I do.

These “structured” classes come right out of the main curriculum. These are all waiting for you inside the membership website in the training area . . . available for you to watch any time – day or night – from any internet-connected device.

Usually I’ll teach an essential, “must-know” core concept in each video. They’re usually no more than 10-minutes each . . . and they ONLY focus on the information you need to know. I’m telling you – there is NO FLUFF. I respect your time . . . and I’ve made these videos super-easy to absorb.

I’ll take a key option trading principle that’s critical for you to understand and teach it to you. Like my old baseball coach used to tell me, “You just can’t ever get enough of the fundamentals . . . ever!”

And you can get any questions you have answered as well. I want to get you up to “expert status” in the shortest possible time so you get making money quickly.

The “Golden ERA System” Component 2

The ERA “E-Mail Answer Line” will be a priceless resource for you to tap into any time you run into a concept or ERA trading strategy that you just don’t understand. All you do is shoot an email over to me and my coaching staff and ask away!

Of course, we can’t give you any sort of direct “trading advice” — so please don’t ask for any. But if you have ANY questions about the curriculum, a strategy, a set-up, an exit concept — or anything to do with the ERA system — this email will be there for you!

Now, please understand — this email is for your eyes only — and is ONLY for asking questions about what you’re learning.

So be respectful, but please don’t hesitate to get answers to your questions!

The “Golden ERA System” Component 3

Beyond these “Essential ERA Dynamic Collar” lessons – I also do several “live presentations” every week for you. There’s nothing like learning in a LIVE environment!

And you’ll want to attend all the training webinars you can. (But if you miss one – you can always watch it later. I’ll record them for you and post them inside the “member’s only” area for you to watch.)

Two of these live presentations are what I call “Open Chat Sessions”. This is where I’ll go over all the open trades we’ve got going.

During these chat sessions I’ll talk about whether we’re getting close to needing to make any adjustments on the trade, or when I’m looking to close-out the trade . . . or if we’re getting close to our exit criteria – we’ll talk about all that and more.

This Makes Learning How to Manage a Trade “Come to Life” – You’ll See How Super-Easy It Is — You’ll Have It Down In No-Time Flat.

Even better . . . it gives you DIRECT access to me. Which allows you to “stay connected” so you can be actively involved in every step of each trade as it unfolds I do these twice a week . . . and you’re welcome to attend them “live” or watch the recordings – it’s up to you.

The “Golden ERA System” Component 4

Another “live session” I do with you is really, really powerful. In fact, most Golden ERA System Members tell me they absolutely LOVE this:

It’s a LIVE TRADING Session Directly
with Me Each & Every Week!

Just imagine being a “fly on the wall” of my office as I make my trades! Well, this is exactly what this is! Each week we’ll get online together via a webinar, and you and I interact with the other students as we actually put trades on together!

That’s right . . . we’ll actually be trading together! And I’ll walk through my entire “Golden ERA System” trading process – step-by-step with you virtually “by my side”.

And when we have some extra time, every once in a while a member will just “throw-out” a stock they’re interested in, and I’ll then take a careful look at it to see if it’s a real opportunity or not.

Then, I’ll walk right through my entire process – soup to nuts. We’ll look at and analyze the opportunity together in every way you can imagine: fundamentally, technically — and then I’ll ask, “What kind of option trade makes the most sense in this situation?”

And I’ll ask, “Why is that the best option trade for this situation?”. And then I’ll give you MY answer to those questions.

Let me tell you . . . there’s no better way to learn than this!

To be able to basically “look over the shoulder” and watch a PRO-LEVEL trader make money in a real trading account, under real trading conditions is something I'd have given my "rightarm" for when I was first learning this stuff.

The “Golden ERA System” Component 5

NEXT . . . on top of everything I’ve already promised to give you — I’m going to do something that will really “stack the deck” in your favor. So on top of all the education you get — you also get something that — once you have this new knowledge in your head — will be worth even more to you:

You Get My Two Weekly "Golden ERA Trading Alerts"
Telling You Some of the Exact Trades I’m Entering . . .
I'm Exiting . . . and Adjusting!

That’s right! On top of all the education, my time, and all the live and recorded training sessions, you’ll also get twice weekly "Golden ERA Trading Alerts" that go out for the different trades that I find and adjust.

Twice a week I do an “Alert” — it is “right then” that you’ll set-up the trade to be executed via a limit order when the market opens the next day. I do it this way so there’s no way possible for me to do things ahead of my students.

In other words . . . there are NO adjustments made in the middle of any trading day, ever. You’ll be opening, adjusting, or closing your trades at the exact same time I’ll be doing mine . . . so we’re all on equal ground.

This is advantageous for everyone — but especially if you’re outside of the United States.

You can’t get this from ANYONE else on the planet . . . this is something that really separates me from ANY competition.

And don’t forget . . .

My “Golden ERA System” Will Work for You
– Or You Can Get Your Money Back


Let me be frank with you:

More than likely, my ERA System is going to work for you. But if it doesn’t turn-out like you hoped . . . get on the phone with me or one of my coaches . . . and let’s work through it together!

We’ll answer your questions and do our best to help you understand ANYTHING you’re not clear on.

But even then . . . if after working with me or one of my coaches it just doesn’t seem to work for you . . . any time during your first 90-days, just let me know. And I will rush you your money back. No hassles

. . . and no headaches. You have 90 days to try this out with NO RISK to you.

My normal fee for the “Golden ERA System” training is $495.

On top of that, my regular charge for the twice weekly “ERA Trading Alert Service” — where you get to see live trades I’m placing, exiting, or adjusting – is $1995 per year.

All in all, you’ll be getting access to $2490 worth of training and services from me — which will pay for itself over and over and over again for the rest of your life.

But for a limited time — and for a limited number of traders — you’re not going to have to pay $2490. Not even close.

Here’s the deal:

If you’re one of the first 100 traders to take advantage of this offer, your membership to the “Golden ERA System & Alert Service” is just $195 per quarter.

Just $195 per quarter gets you ALL the video training access, ALL the “LIVE” trading sessions, ALL the “LIVE” classes . . . and my “ERA Alert Service”. EVERYTHING we’ve talked about above!

You get it ALL.

And like I’ve said: your satisfaction is FULLY guaranteed. Consider the first 90 days a “test drive” to make sure it’s for you.

And since you’ll be getting live trades handed to you on a silver platter . . . and you’ll be learning EXACTLY HOW I TRADE SUCCESSFULLY using the “ERA Dynamic Collar” . . . you stand the HIGH possibility of adding years and years of untold trading profits to your trading account.


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