The Compound Income Trading System

The Compound Income Trading System
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Finally, you have the ability to harness the full, unbridled power of compounding--with a direct doubling effect on your income--using the Compound Income Trader (CIT) System!


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I Created Compound Income
Trader (CIT) to Help You Capture
This Truly Massive Profit

Considering the enormous potential income and opportunities now available in technology, resources, and many others areas—I wanted a service that could help you capture it all--and potentially generate a six or seven-figure trading income... WITHOUT having to sit glued to your computer screen each day.

That’s why I’ve created Compound Income Trader (CIT)... which is quite different from any other trading service in two important ways:

  1. It uses my proprietary indicators to uncover red-hot profit opportunities in companies in a wide variety of sectors, particularly where the option can be held longer for more profit… and…
  2. It utilizes two very precise money management strategies to help you turn my 75% win rate into bankable compound income — with virtually unlimited profit potential and strictly limited risk on each and every trade.

Add these two factors together, along with our powerful educational and trade alert platform, and you’ll see why we’ve not only never had a losing year and have averaged 310% annually, over the last seven years...

... But also how we’ve already helped a variety of everyday traders multiply their income, transform their lifestyle and finally experience true freedom – just like you’ve seen throughout this report.

Finally, you have the ability to harness the full, unbridled power of compounding--with a direct doubling effect on your income--using the Compound Income Trader (CIT) System!

Compound Income Trader (CIT) Makes Options Trading As Simple As 1-2-3:

Immediately when you join me, you’ll receive the Compound Income Trader Quickstart Guide – a $495 value, free – to help you get started.
Then, first thing tomorrow morning, you’ll be set to receive my urgent investment recommendations to act on immediately.

And every day from then on, Compound Income Trader (CIT) will simplify your options trading decisions:

STEP #1: Every trading day of the year, I identify the investments I feel are most likely to hand you substantial profit potential without exposing you to unwarranted risk.

STEP #2: When my analysis – including several proprietary ways we read and analyze charts – confirms that it’s time to buy, I rush you an email with complete instructions: WHY I’m making the recommendation ... precisely what you should buy or what to sell ... how much to pay ... and when you should execute the trade.

STEP #3: Since my instructions are in plain English, you can just call your broker with our simple word-for-word trading instructions or make the trade quickly and easily online.

And if you ever have a question about any trade, just send an email to the support address inside the Compound Income Trader (CIT) member’s area anytime and we’ll get you the answers you need.

Let Me Help You Potentially
And Generate 6-Figure Or
7-Figure Profits—Starting Today!

Compound Income Trader (CIT) is the ONLY system and service designed to help you multiply your income – with “safe” and “aggressive” strategies – using options that let us profit from increasingly powerful swings in stocks ... interest rates ... currencies ... gold ... and more!

No one can promise performance, even with the best of track records. But my mission is simple: To give YOU results similar to those I achieved since 2007, or better — results that could have given you 221 winning trades – with an average annual return of 310%.

Plus, the opportunity to “conservatively” multiply your money more than 21 times over. Or more aggressively, to turn 5k into $3.27 million – multiplying your money MORE THAN 654 TIMES OVER in just 6 1/2 years!

Here’s how it works once you activate your membership:

FIRST, spend an hour with my Compound Income Trader (CIT) Quickstart Manual:

Because I make sure this step-by-step tutorial contains everything you need to make the most of the Compound Income Trader System and Service.

In this easy-to-follow guide, I give you ...

A comprehensive plain-English tutorial on what options are, how they work, their pros and cons, and how serious investors with some money they can afford to risk can greatly multiply their money with options ...

The exact name and expiration date of options I’ll be identifying to help you use leverage of up to 10,000 to one in technology, currencies, gold, stocks and interest rates ...

My easy-to-understand description of the strategies I’ve used to recommend 221 winning trades with average annual gains of 310% since 2007...

Details on the markets I think are offering the greatest profit potential now ...

The time-honored risk management techniques I recommend to further reduce downside potential while allowing our profits to run, and ...

Then, you’ll get Instructions on how to prepare for trading — a guide to brokers ... how to set up and fund a trading account ... how to make sure you receive our Compound Income Alerts via email ...

Plus, you’ll get some of the most promising trades I’m seeing right now — and how you can use them to help you go for consistent AVERAGE annual gains of 270%... 334%... 125%... 151%.... 211%... even 919% or more.

SECOND, keep an eye out for my Compound Income Alerts:

Although I monitor the markets and every position we own hour by hour during the trading day — I cannot tell you ahead of time, precisely how often or when I will issue a recommendation. The markets tell me what to trade and when — NOT the calendar!

On average, I tend to recommend 2 to 5 trades per month. But sometimes, patience will prove to be the most prudent path, and I may recommend that you simply stand pat for a week or two at a time. It’s rare, but it happens.

At other times, when I see multiple opportunities, I may have several recommendations for you in a single week.

When I confirm that it’s time to strike, I will send you an email. The word “Alert” will always be in the subject line.

Even If You’re Relatively New
to Options –This is a Breeze!

Each Compound Income Alert is in plain English: Easy to understand and follow – and will walk you through the trade step by step. I’ll tell you precisely ...

  • Which put or call option I’m recommending...
  • Exactly how much I think investors should pay for the option ...
  • Precisely when to act ...
  • How to make the trade quickly and easily online or with your broker.
  • Then, on each trade, it will always be up to YOU to pull the trigger and decide how much you want to invest.

You can start by trading only on paper or in a small test account. Or, you can trade in much larger quantities if you wish, depending on your personal tolerance for risk and your profit goals.

And when I believe it’s time to take money off the table — or cut losses — I will give you the same kind of specific, step-by-step instructions.

Please remember to act quickly! When you receive a Compound Income Alert, the final decision on whether to act or not — and when — is always yours.

I want you to fully understand the potential risk and reward. But as soon as you feel comfortable with those parameters, my recommendation is that you act promptly. Otherwise, you could miss the chance to get into the trade (or out of one) at my target price.

AND THIRD, if you ever need help, JUST ASK! In the off chance that you ever find yourself uncertain about how to act on my recommendations, just use the support email provided, and myself or another high-level trader on our team will generally respond to you within 24 hours.

Although we can’t give you personal financial advice tailored to your individual circumstances, I’ve made sure there will always be excellent support and answers for you on how to act on my recommendations as efficiently as possible.

Let Compound Income Trader (CIT) Multiply Your Annual Profits by 2, 3, 5...
Even as Much as 9 Times Over!

As you consider joining us, please keep this in mind ...

You’ll save up to $1,003 on your Charter Membership in the Compound Income Trader (CIT) by joining now ...

You also get my Compound Income Trader Quickstart Guide – a $495 value, free, and ...

You’ll also receive my weekly Compound Income Newsletter – a $1500 annual value – which teaches you how to trade even more profitably on your own, with every tip, technique and strategy I’ve used to pile up my impressive track record...

PLUS, your membership is guaranteed – you can test drive Compound Income Trader (CIT) and get a refund if it does not produce 100% return on all trades over the next full year.

The Compound Income Trading System - 6 months for $997 Buy Now!

’The Compound Income Trading System - 18 months for $1997 Buy Now!

Our 100% Profit
Performance Guarantee:
If You Don’t Make a Bundle,
We Won’t Make a Penny!

Nobody can guarantee profits, and losses are always possible. But I can guarantee this: If we don’t deliver amazing performance with Compound Income Trader (CIT), we don’t make a dime!

In fact, given my track record over the last seven years, and given the fact that I’ve never delivered less than 125%...

I’m confident promising you that the service MUST return at least 100% performance to members across all trades over the next 12 months—winners and losers—otherwise, you are entitled to a prompt, courteous refund.

This isn’t your typical “satisfaction guaranteed” promise – but much better. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and standing by the PERFORMANCE I’ve stated and proven throughout this letter.

In other words, the 100%+ profit performance and ability to double your annual trading income MUST be a reality after 12 months, otherwise you pay nothing.

I don’t anticipate that happening, though.

If, as I suspect, Compound Income Trader (CIT) delivers profits that dwarf the small membership fee, then like other members you’ve heard from today, you will be well on your way to the retirement and lifestyle of your dreams.

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission

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