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Hello, this is Chuck Hughes.

What I am about to show you could change your life forever. 

My new Wealth Creation video seminar reveals how you can turn Weekly Options into a generous weekly paycheck, starting right now.  It reveals the same options trading secrets I’ve used to...
  • Collect $7,485,348.68 in gross option premium income over the past  five years alone . . .
  • Make as much as $1,023,174 in just 26 days of trading…
  • Make $1,244,575.20 during the 2000-2002 “tech wreck,” when the S&P 500 plummeted from 1500 to 800... and
  • Produce $1,756,533.72 in ACTUAL open trade profits right now – with 18 winning trades and no losing trades resulting in 100% accuracy.
  • Post an average return per trade of 223.5%.

And that’s not all.  The truth is, ANYONE can make regular, consistent profits trading options... IF they learn a few simple secrets.

Here’s what just some of my beginning students have to say...


“So far, I’ve raked in over $1.54 MILLION and I’m still going strong.” –Daniel, happily retired in Florida

“$35,225 in the past 5 weeks and I’m a beginner.” –Anne, New Jersey

“Trading can be very exciting… I made nearly $30,000 profit in one day.” –Jack, retired optometrist

“In just two short months I have made profits of $28,568.36.” –Bob G.

“My account is already up 50% and growth is really accelerating fast.” –Dr. David V., Seattle, WA



And You Can Get Started

with Very Little Money


I have a small retirement trading account which currently has a portfolio of 12 option trades with a total cost of only $1,715 to purchase these options.

Even the commissions are low:  the brokerages we use only charge $6 to $8 per trade.

What I particularly like about the option trading secret I will show you is that you don’t have to monitor the markets constantly... or even set protective stops. 

It’s literally set it and forget it.

The other thing that’s nice about this trading secret is that the option trades are profitable no matter what happens with the underlying stock or ETF. 

What’s more, if the market as a whole crashes – the way it did in 2008-2009 – your profits go from sensational to... almost unbelievable. 

As incredible as it sounds, the lower the market falls, the more money you make!

That’s good news because many economists are predicting a very bumpy road ahead for the global economy. 

That may or may not be true.  I remain an agnostic about most macroeconomic questions.  I simply follow the money… and then act accordingly. 

So Easy and Simple a

High School Student Can Do It

Most option trading strategies are extremely complicated. 

But fortunately, the “tricks” I teach in the Wealth Creation videos are nothing like that.  During this exciting 4-hour video workshop, I discuss global trends, tell members of my seminar what strategies are working best under current market conditions, and I explain in detail how we’re going to pull millions of dollars out of the market in the months ahead.

Even though it is very simple, this option trading secret works better than almost all of the complicated option strategies out there.

In a moment, I’m going to show you precisely how this trading secret works.

It lets my students and me earn huge profits without taking big risks . . . and often we take no risk at all.

We risk as little as $100... but our average trading profits range between $1,200 and $5,200.

Why YOU Can Make

Profits like These as Well!

As you already know, I was an airline pilot most of my career.   I studied trading on my days off but never really did much with it.

But then one day, I was suddenly struck with a severe case of vertigo... a medical condition in which you lose all sense of balance. 

Needless to say, my airline career was over in a heartbeat. 

I started option trading in 1984 with a $4,600 trading account.

The first year, I brought in $69,030 in actual cash profits.

The year after that, I made $391,134 in profits.

In just 2 years, I had $460,164 in actual profits.

It was more money than I earned in the previous SIX years as an airline pilot.

You can see copies of the income statements for those years here and here.

The Option Trading Secret

That Changed My Life

My secret?  I stumbled upon a very simple but highly accurate method for determining whether a given stock or ETF is likely to go UP in the coming weeks... or likely to go DOWN.

Instead of using complicated mathematical formulas, I used a very simple trend-following system to determine whether a stock or ETF is going up or down in price.

I’ve refined this method over the years, but in essence it’s the same.  Here’s the secret right now: 

I correlate what is called the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of a stock in relation to its 100-Day Exponential Moving Average.

It used to be slightly more difficult to calculate this indicator by hand... but now this is available free on the Internet. 

This one trading secret has made me literally MILLIONS of dollars…

In addition, I have two simple rules: 

Rule #1:  When a stock is going up in value, I buy “call” options on that stock. 

Rule #2:  If a stock is doing down in value, I buy “put” options.

That’s it.  Not very complicated.

However, I have refined this to include one more rule.

Rule 3:  When you’re making money with a call option, buy a put option to lock in your profits no matter what happens.

That’s all there is to it.  Let me give you an example in the real world...

CIGNA Market Neutral Spread

The technical name for this strategy is a “Market Neutral Spread.”  It means you make money whether the underlying stock goes up or down.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Our simple trend-following method revealed that the stock CIGNA (symbol CI) was on a trend following “buy” signal.

As a result, we purchased the CI 70-Strike call option for 1.885 points or $188.50.

“Buy 2 Cigna Sep 70-Strike call options @ 1.885”

As we expected, CIGNA stock moved up in price after our call purchase so we then had a profitable trade.

But then we faced the dilemma: 

Do we hold on to a winning call option trade for further upside profit potential or do we take profits in case CIGNA stock declines in price with the possibility of a profitable option trade turning into a loss?

We chose the third option, our Rule #3: 

We purchased a CIGNA put option that allowed us to lock in profits for our call option trade no matter what happened. 

We “legged in” to a Market Neutral Spread by purchasing the CI 77.5-Strike put option.

Our online brokerage account report below shows that we purchased the CI 77.5-Strike put option for 1.615 points or $161.50.

Here’s what all this looked like:


Note: The actual profit results presented here may vary with the actual profit results presented in other Legacy Publishing LLC publications due to the different strategies and time frames presented in other publications. The cost basis for some of the options in this portfolio may be reduced by rolling over profits at option expiration which is one of the Hughes Optioneering Trade Management Rules.

We call this type of trade a “Market Neutral Spread” because you make money whether the stock goes up or down.

Once we have the trade in place, we use a special online calculator (available to members of our advisory service) to determine what our profits will be depending on how much the stock rises or falls in price.

In this case, if the CIGNA stock rises 20% in value, then this trade would make us $1,976 – or 575% profit! 

And what if the stock falls in value? 

In that case, we still make money.  If the stock falls 20% in value, we make $1,882 (or 337% gain).

It’s literally win-win!

If the stock market crashes and the stock wipes out, we STILL MAKE MONEY! 

If the stock went to zero, we’d make $7,400 on this trade alone!

I’ve Been Making Money Like

This for 30 Years – And So Can You!

As I said:  trading like this is virtually “can’t lose” guaranteed profits!

To prove just how easy it is to make money trading options with this approach, I began competing in global trading championships. 

I won not once but eight times, beating out some of the most famous stock pickers and traders in the world

What’s more, no one else has won 7 times in the 32 year history of the world trading championships.

I still make money every day using this method, and I don’t use any complicated formulas or calculations at all.

This simple secret made all the difference.  I still generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in actual cash profits. 

Take a look at the brokerage statement nearby. 

As you can see, this is just for a single trading account. 

Yet this one account has $1,356,052.06 in profits outstanding. 

A second account has $400,481.66 in cash profits.

Trading Account 2

And let me emphasize one thing: 

These are NOT “hypothetical” profits. 

These are NOT profits I “could” have made or “potentially” made. 

These are the weasel words you hear all over the Internet. 

You and I both know that anyone can create a trading system, tweak the data, and come up with a “back tested” trading system that doesn’t work in the real world.

Instead, what I am showing you are the real-money profits I make trading options. 

In a moment, I’ll show you what some of my students have done as well. 

You won’t believe how easy it is to make consistent profits trading... once you know the few simple tricks that I’ll show you.

Ordinary People Like You Are

Making Thousands of Extra Dollars


I’ve taught my options trading techniques to literally thousands of people – regular investors and retired folks -- most of whom knew little or nothing about trading options before they got started.

They are using my techniques to generate enormous profits without taking big risks.

Here’s what a few of them say...


“Averaging over 45,700 a month for three years.”

–Dan J., Florida

“Within 24 months I had a new career, a new home, a new lifestyle.”

–John Weston

“I don’t ever have to worry about working or about money. I’ve got Chuck Hughes.”

–Don T.

“I know I can use the knowledge in the future to make a good steady income.”

–Gilles K., Sarasota, FL

“Your teaching methods of creating wealth step-by-step, were easy to follow, a breeze to learn and even easier to put into practice.” –Marie



I’ve found that just about anybody can learn how to make money trading options once they have the proper training.

We’re Making Over $60,000 Per

Month in Live Trading Profits

The strategies your discover in this special Wealth Creation video seminar produced $723,283.39 in live trading profits over the past year which averages out to over $60,000 a month in profits.

What’s more, the strategies produced $3,053,547.02 in live trading profits over the past 5 years.

Our subscribers have watched in astonishment as their incomes grew substantially larger year by year.

And I do NOT want you to miss out on this awesome income opportunity. 

And that’s why I would like to offer you a special video recording of the entire Wealth Creation Alliance Seminar so you can learn the same income-producing strategies in the comfort of your own home…

I promise you, my Wealth Creation Alliance Members-Only Workshop outshines every options trading seminar in the country…

... including those costing up to $10,000 a seat!

Now, the Wealth Creation Alliance is closed to new members at this time…

... but you can still make hundreds… thousands… even tens of thousands of dollars in extra income... beginning immediately...

.... simply by following the step-by-step instructions detailed in this comprehensive WCA seminar

No wonder traders are happy to pay $1,995 for the DVD recording – but YOU don’t have to pay anything close to that!

Because you already invested in one of my products, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. 

I’m going to give you a special ONLINE version of the entire

WCA Seminar… for a FRACTION of the regular price.

Instead of the regular price of $1,995, you can get the same identical training -- conveniently presented in four 1-hour segments you can watch as often as you like – for...

Not $10,000...

Not $5,000...

Not $1,995...

Not $695...

But only...


100% Money Back Guarantee:

Try Out My Options Trading Secret

And of course, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

You’ll get a full 60 days to check it out, and if you’re not happy, just let me know and you’ll receive a prompt refund of every penny you paid us.

But there is ONE catch:

This special offer is only available right now.

So, you need to to take advantage of this.

If you decline this offer now It’s gone forever

You will not be able to gain access to the Wealth Creation Alliance Seminar later on…

And you will not learn how easy it can be to pocket as much as $834,783 in extra income over the next 12 months.

You risk nothing to learn the secrets that guarantees extra income right now or when you’re retired. 

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This is Chuck Hughes.

Thank you for listening to this message.

Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes

P.S. This is the most exciting, revolutionary new trading strategy you’ve ever seen.  The basic approach alone is worth thousands of dollars.  And once you’ve seen the OptioneeringTM Market Neutral strategy in action, you’ll never want to trade again without it!

P.P.S. Order now and get instant access to this special training video today for the low, low price of just $297 -- and get started making extra income with options right away.


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