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1988 Invented: VOLPAT
1994 Invented: Market-Mapping
1996 23 Gettess Students get 100% returns/profits
1997 Founded: Insider Tips
2003 VIP Insider's Websites

2007 Marks 20 Years of Trading For A Living




"The most significant change in my trading life. Until I used your system, my trading was in the red...but in the first six months of last year, I made nearly $30,000!"

Ron Surdi, San Diego, CA





Lee has prepared a 90-minute, action packed course that takes you through an actual week of trading. Lee's trading style doesn't take much time, so every minute counts! Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the markets
  • Take and manage risk appropriately
  • Learn how to plan your trading day
  • Trade like the professionals

Learning Takes Observation

To learn anything thoroughly and in the shortest amount of time, you need someone to show you how it’s done... not just tell you. You need an expert to actually demonstrate.

Could you teach yourself to play the piano by reading a “how to” book? Possibly. But think how much better you’d do if an expert like Billy Joel or Elton John sat next to you on the piano bench and showed you how they do it.

What if they demonstrated their technique for getting certain sounds? What if they showed you a trick to flawless sight-reading? What if they taught you their approach to writing songs, complete with music and lyrics? Don’t you think you’d learn much better and much faster than trying to teach yourself from a “how to” book alone?

It’s the same with trading. The easiest and fastest way for you to master the art of trading is to observe a trading professional at work. Watch what they do. Visualize yourself doing the same thing. And then do it.


Lee Gettess Gets Up Close and Personal with a Film Crew

Lee Gettess wants you to have every possible advantage. So, he hired a film crew to document his trading for a full week. The cameras began rolling the minute he sat down, and didn’t stop until he was done for the day.

You’ll be happy to know, that Lee's way of trading doesn’t take very long. So they were able to fit a full week’s trading onto one action-packed, 90-minute online video.

Nothing is left out and nothing is left to the imagination. You will watch and listen as Lee plans his trading day. And the results will be clearly imprinted in memory.

For a full week you will look over Lee's shoulder, see how he trades, visualize yourself doing the same thing… And by the end of the week, you should have gained the familiar confidence of a real trading pro.

Then, my friend, you too can seek a wonderful life trading the markets.

Your Path to Self-Discovery

All successful traders have gone through a journey of self-discovery, understanding the markets, taking and managing their risks, and continual education. And after that journey, as if in reward for their patience and perseverance, they get rewarded with knowledge of that “secret” they needed for themselves.

“Lee has one of the most creative minds in the business. I once spent a week with Lee and watched him go 5 for 5 trading… the very best system for three years… much better than others I have purchased, and believe me, I’ve had my share.”

Bruce Murison, Boston, MA

To learn more about Lee Gettess or view his blog, please visit www. leegettess.com.

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