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Wendy Kirkland

From the Desk of: Wendy Kirkland

My name is Wendy Kirkland. And for twenty five years I worked side-by-side with my husband, Jack, at our family-owned gift shop in Historic Biltmore Village in Asheville, NC.

The business supported us and our three children quite comfortably. Life was hectic. But for the most part it was pretty good. And I had no complaints… until my 57th birthday arrived.

That’s when I suddenly woke up to a startling realization… Retirement age was fast approaching.And we were nowhere near prepared.

Oh, we had a retirement account alright. It’s just that something always seemed more pressing than contributing to “the distant future”. So our meager nest egg wouldn’t last us a year living the way we want to live.

Nagging concern lingered in the back of my mind as I dressed, drove to work, and went about the day’s business.

Who could have guessed what a fateful day it would turn out to be?

The Greatest Birthday Present Ever!

Julie leaned across the table at the restaurant where we’d met for lunch, in honor of my birthday. And she whispered, “I just made a 55% profit in seven days trading options on eBay stock!”

The blank stare plastered across my face told her I had no idea what she was talking about.

So she launched into an excited tirade… “small investment… tremendous leverage… limited risk… huge profits… perpetual income…”

Perpetual income? Now she had my attention!

Caught up in my friend’s enthusiasm, I felt sure it was “meant to be”.

Hallelujah! My financial worries would soon be over. What a relief!

That very same day I signed up for a $400 course on options. And a few weeks later I funded a small $800 trading account.

Did My Journey Begin Like Yours?

I’m glad I took the course, because it opened my eyes to the power of options. And it convinced me that option trading was the surest way in the world to reach my financial goals.

But that 5-day course definitely did not give me the winning edge I needed to succeed.

I’m good with numbers, that’s why I do all the accounting for our store. And I had no trouble grasping the material. But the information they gave us was just enough to get into trouble… not enough to win.

For the next couple years I won some trades… lost some trades… then won and lost some more.

If you’ve experienced the same thing, gotten frustrated and quit, don’t feel bad. Most novice traders do… but not me.

More than anything else in the world, I wanted Jack and me to enjoy our “golden years”, and never be a burden to anyone. And I knew options provided our only hope of getting there.

So I was not about to quit… I was “on a mission from God”, (Blues Brothers, 1980).

I read dozens of books on every aspect of trading. And I joined the Trading Divas, a nice group of women traders who meet once a week.

Every free minute I had… between customers at the store, while stirring a pot on the stove, in the wee hours of the night… I spent every spare moment studying charts, theories, and strategies.

Gradually things got better. My profits became bigger than my losses. My trading account grew.

And I started putting money into my retirement fund.

But still, there were too darn many losers!

Something was missing... a missing piece that would make everything easier… a missing piece that could stomp out losing trades… a missing piece that would turn gradual growth into soaring profits.

And then one day it came to me.

Ah-Ha There It Is!
And That’s Why NOBODY
Ever Saw It Before

A collage of indicator-laden charts covered my kitchen table… a hodgepodge of past trades, some winners, some losers… For the umpteenth time I scanned from one to the next.

Then, all of a sudden it hit me… EUREKA!

An identical pattern between two unrelated indicators appeared on every single winning trade… But it was conspicuously absent on all the losers!

It was so obvious. Why hadn’t I seen it before? Why hadn’t ANYONE ever seen it before?

Giddy with excitement, I pulled out a binder crammed full of past trades. Leafing backwards, the pattern repeated… over and over again. It was on every single winning trade, but not one loser!

Then, half way through the binder, the pattern disappeared.

Oh-h no! What happened? Had the neonsign pointing to certain victory been an anomaly? “Please, say it isn’t so.”

Then I noticed a subtle difference between the older charts and those dated since December 18th.

Of course! Suddenly I knew what had happened. And I also knew why no one had ever discovered the pattern before. I felt ecstatic!

And when you realize the serendipity of what occurred, I think you’ll be in awe of the magic too.

"“My success factor with Wendy’s P3 System is about
95%... My friends keep asking me to quit working
and manage their money.”"

- Nathan V. Software Engineer

A Fortunate Discovery
Made By Accident

December 18th, I remember the day well. Harried by the Christmas rush, and trying to do ten things at once, I accidently deleted the template for my charts.

Then, when I reconstructed the layout, I mixed up the oscillators at the bottom.

I didn’t think the sequence made any difference. But, as it turned out, I was wrong.

Inadvertently, I positioned my favorite trend indicator immediately below a little-known price oscillator, and in the process I unleashed a synergy that will rock the trading world!

Believe it or not, the two indicators, viewed as one, create a powerful hybrid that can actually predict market turns better than a crystal ball!

This phenomenon, which I dubbed the “SQUEEZE” quickly evolved into the P3 System.

P3: Putting Probability Potential on YOUR Side of the Trade… And, as anyone who has ever tried the P3 System can tell you, it simply cannot fail.

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